Here's Secret Video of Mitch McConnell Talking About Attacking Ashley Judd's Mental Health

Adam Weinstein · 04/09/13 08:15AM

How freaked out was Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) about a possible election challenge from movie star Ashley Judd? So freaked that in February he assembled a secret meeting of advisors on how to use a "wealth of material" from the actress' mental health history to paint her as an egomaniacal "mentally unbalanced" anti-Christian hysterical lady.

Flypaper: Ashley Judd Makes With the Funny

Richard Lawson · 06/21/11 01:38PM

Here's a trailer for Flypaper, a indie action comedy about a bank being robbed by two bands of bandits at the same time. The comedy duo at the center of all this? Ashley Judd and Patrick Dempsey. Those old cut-ups!

Bridget Moynahan's Mega-Mansion Meltdown and Other Lady Issues

Richard Lawson · 04/07/11 10:15AM

Move over Jen Aniston, we have a new queen of sad jiltedness. And sadness, thy name is Bridget Moynihan. Also today: Two TV powerhouses are welcoming new children into their lives, LeBron's mom is in trouble, and Kanye likes the ladies.

Ke$ha Invites Britney Spears Skinny-Dipping

Maureen O'Connor · 04/05/11 10:16AM

Ke$ha invites Britney to get naked with her. Rosie O'Donnell is on Team Chris Brown. Christina Aguilera giggles at her "hiccups." Lindsay Lohan causes another fender-bender. Tuesday gossip is hit or miss.

The Humble Return of Ashley Judd

Richard Lawson · 02/21/11 05:00PM

The brainiac renegade from Southern royalty is back in a big(ish) leading role. Also today: lots of TV pilot casting news, as it is the season for that, plus a rumor about the upcoming Superman movie that will have you banging a tin cup on the table in excitement.


cityfile · 01/20/10 10:10AM

Uma Thurman and Arki Busson kissing on a park bench ... Vera Wang standing outside Harry Cipriani on Fifth Avenue and 59th Street ... Whitney Port walking downtown ... Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez having dinner at Nobu 57 ... Sarah Jessica Parker walking son James to school ... Ashley Judd getting out of an SUV in Midtown ... Ashlee Simpson getting out of a cab ... Kristen Bell arriving at Good Morning America in Times Square ... Blake Lively and Penn Badgley standing on the set of Gossip Girl ... singer Charlotte Gainsbourg shopping in SoHo ... and the kids from Jersey Shore partying at Greenhouse.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 04/17/09 06:43AM

Victoria Beckham is turning 35 today. Jennifer Garner is turning 37. Actress Monet Mazur is 33. Liz Phair turns 42. The rapper Redman is turning 39. Architect Costas Kondylis is 69. Writer Cynthia Ozick is 81. Former football star Boomer Esiason is turning 47. Author Nick Hornby is 52. And television exec Henry Schleiff turns 61 today. Weekend birthdays after the jump.

Tonight's Inaugural Balls: The Show Goes On

cityfile · 01/20/09 12:54PM

Today should be a busy day for thieves who earn a living robbing the homes of the rich and famous: Hundreds of celebs and corporate titans have been in Washington today for the inauguration and are expected to put in appearances at one of the many official and unofficial balls scheduled for this evening. Barack and Michelle will make their first stop this evening at the Neighborhood Ball, where the lineup includes Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Alicia Keys,, Stevie Wonder, Faith Hill, Shakira, and Mary J. Blige. The Equality Ball at the Mayflower Hotel will feature entertainment by Cyndi Lauper, Melissa Etheridge and Rufus Wainwright. Lou Gossett Jr. will serve as host at the Purple Ball, where performances by Il Divo and Peter Cincotti will entertain the likes of Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, John Cusack, Ed Harris, Ashley Judd, Patricia Arquette, Brendan Fraser, and Josh Lucas.