Famous Food Is the Next Reality Television Trainwreck

Matt Cherette · 07/07/11 12:41AM

What do you get when you take Heidi Montag and Ashley Dupre, combine them with former Real Housewife Danielle Staub, mix in Sopranos star Vincent Pastore, and top it off with a dash of Three 6 Mafia? You get the cast of VH1's new restaurant-themed reality show, Famous Food, which will undoubtedly reach trainwreck status within minutes when it premieres on Sunday. The show's extended trailer is above. [via VH1]

Paris Hilton Arrested for Pot at World Cup

Adrian Chen · 07/03/10 09:36AM

Paris Hilton was arrested for possession in South Africa, but released! Ashley Dupre is becoming a real estate agent. Lady Gaga spotted wearing something normal. Carrie Prejean got straight married. Saturday's gossip roundup is a breath of fresh air.

Shy Heidi Montag Fails to Keep Breasts Covered While Filming Movie

Maureen O'Connor · 03/17/10 08:14AM

Mrs. Pratt's bikini top overfloweth and the paparazzi goes wild. What caused the Winslet-Mendes divorce? Ashley Dupre sets her hair on fire while posing naked. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt dares to wear pants. Wednesday gossip is full of risks.

A Modest Proposal

cityfile · 02/03/10 09:35AM

Why do New York's bridges and tunnels have such boring names? Wouldn't it be possible to come up with something more creative? A few thoughts (and suggestions) via Quite All Right:

Kell on Earth: Under the Gaydar

Brian Moylan · 02/02/10 12:14PM

We were too dumbstruck by Glenn Close's reconstructed face on Damages to watch the premiere of Kell on Earth. Luckily fictional freelancer Betsey Morgenstern was working as an undercover intern for Kelly Cutrone during filming. Here is her full report.

Tinsley Moves On; Will Smith Talks Politics

cityfile · 01/29/10 08:34AM

Tinsley Mortimer's upcoming reality show has finished shooting. So, naturally, her "relationship" with former American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis has come to an end, too. She's reportedly on the hunt for a new boyfriend, though, so if you know someone who'd a good match for the fame-obsessed socialite, do get in touch. [P6]
• Is it possible that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie planted those breakup rumors because it's Oscar season, they haven't been nominated for anything, and they wanted to make sure they remained in the spotlight? Anything's possible, right? [E!, NYDN]
Padma Lakshmi is due to give birth next month, but she's still isn't revealing who the baby daddy is. Could it be on-again, off-again boyfriend and billionaire financier Teddy Forstmann? Or on-again, off-again boyfriend and venture capitalist Adam Dell, the younger brother of computer mogul Michael Dell? The mystery continues! [P6]
• Here's a sign of the apocalypse: Will Smith is thinking about running for president. (Yes, President of the United States.) [Popeater]

Spitzer to Ashley Dupre: 'You Lied'

cityfile · 01/28/10 01:07PM

Okay, so Eliot Spitzer didn't actually call Ashley Dupre a "liar." But in an interview with BigThink, he was asked whether the ol' socks story—as you probably recall, Dupre claimed the ex-governor insisted on wearing calf-length, black socks during sex—was true or not. His answer, which comes at the 28-minute mark and is accompanied by the most embarrassed look you will ever see flash across Spitzer's face, is "No." [BigThink via Politico]