Miley Cyrus Wore Ice Cream Cone Pasties to Alexander Wang's NYFW Party

Zara Golden · 09/07/14 08:50PM

Life's all no shirt, no problems when you're Miley Cyrus. Last night, the pop star-cum-provocateur arrived at Alexander Wang's super secret New York Fashion Week after-party in Bushwick naked from the waist up, save for a set of tasseled ice cream cone pasties and a pair of plastic pill covered cat-eye sunglasses (see above). She greeted the designer with a friendly open-mouthed kiss, then proceeded to twerk, toke and 'gram the night away. It was, she claims, the "Best night eva." And we'd believe it.

Deep Thoughts

Hamilton Nolan · 03/21/08 08:18AM

"Americans tend to like lacquer more than they respect it." Well, it's no caulk. [NY Sun]

Martha Stewart Shows Off Prison Crafts

Joshua Stein · 12/26/07 01:05PM

On her Christmas show, Martha Stewart produced the ceramic Nativity Scene she crafted while she was in prison. The other inmates had to pick just one figure a month to fire 'n' glaze—but MarStew did the whole thing in her five month on the inside. It's cute at the end, she asks her mother in the audience if she likes it and you can tell Martha Sr. is just thinking, "Bitch, are you really asking me if I'm proud of the damned brown clay figures you made while you were in jail?" But actually? They're pretty impressive!