Man and His Machine Make the Ultimate Cosby Sweater

Lauri Apple · 09/27/11 04:26AM

Artist Andrew Salomone has used his hacked knitting machine—an electronic little number that operates similarly to a desktop printer—to create self-portrait face masks, soundwave scarves, and other garments inspired by the Jaclyn Smith Style Collection pop culture and technology. But his piece de resistance is the recursive Bill Cosby sweater, which Salomone (rhymes with "alimony") hopes will one day adorn the real-life, sartorially splendid Bill Cosby. Such an occurrence would not only complete the sweater's pattern but also cause geomagnetic reversal. [YouTube via Buzzfeed]

Ambidextrous Street Artist Blows Away Onlookers

Matt Cherette · 08/11/10 07:16PM

What do you get when you take a white board, some markers, and a street artist who can create incredibly detailed and accurate drawings of animals in mere seconds—with both hands? You get this video, and it's awesome.

Barack Obama Art Exhibition Stops Off In L.A. Wondering Who's 'Got Next!'

T-RO · 08/12/08 01:35PM

I can't remember any other politician in recent memory who has inspired artists as much as Barack Obama. From the moment I saw the Shepard Fairey "Hope" poster, I knew that Hillary Clinton's presidential bid was toast. Just as she had inspired t-shirts eight years ago that gave an indication she was gaining enough buzz to enable her to win the Senate seat, I knew that Obama had captured the imagination of the general public when his visage turned into iconography. But for all the artists who have been jumping on the Obama bandwagon of late, there's one artist who has been dedicating his time to making art about the politician long before it was trendy. Ray Noland, aka Cro (Creative Rescue Organization), presented a blink-and-you'll-miss-it show at the HVW8 Gallery last weekend. Tag along as I take you on a quick-run through the inspiring exhibition.