The 100 Most Controversial Articles on Wikipedia Around the World

Max Read · 05/31/13 12:03PM

You can probably guess off the top of your head the most controversial English-language Wikipedia articles—those topics that inspire extensive re-editing and deleting. (I guarantee you can't guess the fourth-most controversial.) But what about the most controversial articles in other languages? What are Francophones and Chinese speakers arguing about Wikipedia?

The Best Things We Read All Year

Gawker Staff · 12/30/11 04:00PM

If you're like us, you spent a lot of time this year reading words. But which words were the best words? (Not "amazeballs," for sure.) Here, each Gawker staffer recommends the best things he or she read this year—books, articles, blogs, comics and more.

Overanalyzing the "Bromance"

noelle_hancock · 04/09/08 06:30PM

We thought we went over this a few years ago with that New York Times "Man Date" article. But now the Seattle Times has taken it a step further with a trend piece dissecting the bromance - close friendships between hetero dudes.