Arthur Kade Is Amelia Earhart

Hamilton Nolan · 11/10/09 02:23PM

Philadelphia heartthrob Arthur Kade, on the new Amelia Earhart biopic: "It was like watching Arthur Kade in the [1930s] with a vagina and shorter hair." He's good, he's really good! Why, these words could have come from the aviatrix herself:

Arthur Kade Does the Doo-Doo Pants Walk

Hamilton Nolan · 09/23/09 01:16PM

Saw Arthur Kade goose-stepping his way through the 34th Street 123 station at 5:45 PM. He has the strangest walk; he puffs out his chest and thrusts his hips out. The overall effect is that of someone with something down the back of their pants. He was eating something doughy and chewing with his mouth open.

Arthur Kade is Just F-ing With Us Now

The Cajun Boy · 07/14/09 02:04AM

Arthur Kade, the world's greatest man/thespian, is in New York to work as a "featured extra" in some flick. To enhance "The Journey," Kade took the bus in from Philly, slumming in the back "like a modern day Rosa Parks."