Sherlock Holmes Is in the Public Domain

Sarah Hedgecock · 12/28/13 11:30AM

Hear that sound? It's the squeal of a million fan fiction writers freaking out at the prospect of finally getting some respect. This week, a federal judge ruled that the world's most famous (and possibly most adapted) detective may enter the public domain.

Arthur Conan Doyle and the Greenwich Yacht Club

Gawker · 04/13/03 01:34PM

A reader writes, "That Greenwich Yacht Club story reminds me of Study in Scarlet, an original Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes story. Dr. Watson discovers to his amazement that Sherlock Holmes believes that the Sun revolves around the Earth. Here's the relevant text:"

His ignorance was as remarkable as his knowledge. Of contemporary literature, philosophy and politics he appeared to know next to nothing. Upon my quoting Thomas Carlyle, he inquired in the naivest way who he might be and what he had done. My surprise reached a climax, however, when I found incidentally that he was ignorant of the Copernican Theory and of the composition of the Solar System. That any civilized human being in this nineteenth century should not be aware that the earth travelled round the sun appeared to be to me such an extraordinary fact that I could hardly realize it.