Manhattan Art School Confiscates Refrigerator Full of Semen From Student

Taylor Berman · 02/28/13 08:17PM

Here's a cautionary tale from art school: Marc Bradley Johnson, an MFA student at New York's School of Visual Arts, had a great idea for his thesis project: he would fill 68 vials with his own semen, place them in a refrigerator in one of SVA's galleries, advertise the display on Craigslist, and then give away his semen to any interested members of the public. What could go wrong? As the Daily Intelligencer reports, the answer is a lot, thanks to the prudish/appropriately health-concerned administrators at SVA, who temporarily confiscated the project once it was brought to their attention.

Economic Analysis Unfortunately Confirms Stereotypes About Art School

Hamilton Nolan · 02/19/13 09:58AM

Making fun of going to art school as a futile and self-indulgent formula for regret is like... even more cliched than making fun of law school. Unfortunately, the latest economic data confirms that everyone must continue with this trite (and, frankly, unfunny) form of mockery until the situation on the ground changes.

What Every Art School Film Looks Like

Richard Blakeley · 02/21/11 10:15AM

Anyone who has ever graduated from art school in film will tell you that this video perfectly sums up what kinds of films you'll be forced to sit through for four years.