Our Plan To Save Annie Leibovitz's Finances

John Cook · 09/08/09 05:21PM

Annie Leibovitz has been sued—again—for passing off another photographer's work as her own. She allegedly stitched a portrait she took onto a background he took and passed it off as her own shot. Which gave us an idea! Italian photographer Paolo Pizzetti sued Leibovitz last week for copyright infringement.

Idiot Artist Banksy Comes To New York

Joshua Stein · 11/28/07 10:40AM

Banksy, the Bristol-born graffiti artist, has a show opening December 2nd at the Vanina Holasek Gallery in Chelsea. If you've been to Angelina Jolie's rumpus room recently you might have seen his work hanging on her wall (she bought one of his paintings at his LA show) or you might have bought one of his books at Urban Outfitters. Either way, you must have been struck by all the issues he raises in his work the fuck pays £200,000 for spraypaint-and-slogan sophomoric crap? (To be fair, it did feature a white family having a picnic and African orphans, two things the Jolie-Pitt household loves.) But Banksy's art isn't just issue-based, it's also a god investment, as per a press release for the show: "His art has escalated in value faster than pretty much any substance known to man." Also, "Banksy images are even being used to sell 900k condos in Williamsburg." Suck on that, Andy Warhol!