Here's A Supercut of Arnold Schwarzenegger Farting

Aleksander Chan · 06/22/14 07:04PM

Appropriately titled "Fartzenegger," this supercut does not, technically, include four minutes of Arnold actually farting, per se. It does, however, make it disturbingly clear that Arnold has made quite the career out of contorting his face into expressions similar to ones you might make will passing gas.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Jimmy Fallon's Personal Ahnold Soundboard

Jay Hathaway · 03/25/14 09:53AM

While the rest of us click on Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboards to hear classic Ahnoldisms like, "Who is your daddy?" and "It's not a tumor," Jimmy Fallon just writes the man himself into his sketches. And last night, Fallon really wanted to hear "Get to the choppa!"

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Still Talking About Being a Bad, Bad Man

Louis Peitzman · 10/01/12 10:19PM

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the middle of his "I Got the Maid Pregnant and Wrote a Book About It" press tour, during which he's been candid with interviewers about his inner turmoil. (Yes, when your wife starts asking about your illegitimate son, things get rocky.)

Judge Calls Schwarzenegger's Decision Making 'Repugnant' But Finds Him Innocent of Charges

Taylor Berman · 09/07/12 07:04PM

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was absolved of charges that he abused executive powers when he commuted the sentence of a political ally's son. On his last day of office, Schwarzenegger reduced Esteban Nunez's sentence for voluntary manslaughter from 16 years to seven. Nunez, the son of one time California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, was convicted of voluntary manslaughter for the 2008 stabbing of Luis Santos.

Louis Peitzman · 08/04/12 12:56PM

The former governor of California will return to the big screen in a movie that sounds even worse than you'd imagine.

Expendables 2: All The Action Heroes You've Ever Known

Leah Beckmann · 12/15/11 11:59AM

Like the first in this explosive, guns and skull ridden movie, the Expendables sequel is all about the cast. This ensemble group of all stars comes together in one throbbing, heaping helping of testosterone, making this about as actiony a movie as an action movie can get. It's a caricature of the ultimate action flick, like a Snakes on a Plane meta-movie in that everybody- viewers, actors and filmmakers alike- are all in on the joke. If Hollywood were a box of toys, each of these guys is an action figure from a different comic book or TV show that you love, who come together in the sandbox for the ultimate showdown. Chuck Norris is in this for God sakes.