Fuck Your Arms

Hamilton Nolan · 05/28/15 09:28AM

Uh oh, summertime is here and you know what that means, ladies—time to obsess over your arms, for some reason! Wow! Arms! Appendages! What to do?

White House Sending Weapons to Syria, Considering No-Fly Zone

Max Read · 06/14/13 07:44AM

Syrian rebels will soon be fighting with American weapons, now that President Obama has authorized arming rebel militias with light weaponry in the wake of U.S. findings that President Bashar al-Assad's forces crossed the "red line" of chemical weapon use.

Michelle's Surgery Stimulus: "Toned-Arm" Procedures Up 4,378 Percent

Max Read · 04/30/13 08:38AM

American women are "opting for surgery to get Michelle Obama's arms," the Los Angeles Times tells us. (Though, obviously, not literally; there are not thousands of women seeking surgery to obtain the First Lady's arms, of which there are after all only two.) The number of women seeking cosmetic "upper arm-lift" procedures has increased by 4,378 percent since 2000, due—many speculate—to Ms. Obama's bodacious arms:

Big Love: A Farewell to Arm

Richard Lawson · 02/22/10 12:39PM

Wham! Bam! Bang! Slash. Squirt. Last night's episode of All My Mormons was a regular action movie, wasn't it? Well, part of it at least. The rest was your usual strange almost-sorta-melodrama.