J. Edgar: The Puttying of Leonardo DiCaprio

Richard Lawson · 09/20/11 10:34AM

Here's a trailer for J. Edgar, the Clint Eastwood biopic of the original G-Man, J. Edgar Hoover. Here the gradually Brandoing actor Leonardo DiCaprio plays the conflicted and controversial man, with plenty of heavy accent and face putty.

Megan Fox: I'm Not a Robot, I Long to 'Seem Human'

Maureen O'Connor · 09/13/11 10:47AM

Megan Fox reassures the world that she is neither robot nor android. Underlings must "turn their faces to a wall" when Madonna walks by. Jane Lynch started smoking at the age of 12. Demi Moore tweets a "topless" picture. Tuesday gossip is practicing human emotions.

Christina Aguilera Arrested for Public Drunkenness

Maureen O'Connor · 03/01/11 10:51AM

Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend got sloshed, then arrested, last night. An actress names her children "Ptolemy" and "Winter." Leonardo DiCaprio trades "tender" kisses with a man. Tuesday gossip spent the night in a drunk tank.