U.S. Nuclear Missile Officers Have Been Lazy, Dirty Cheaters for Years

Adam Weinstein · 01/20/14 04:05PM

The Air Force has roughly 500 officers in charge of protecting and maybe someday launching America's arsenal of land-based nuclear missiles. Nearly all of them cheat on every exam they take, at every chance they get, according to three veterans of the force.

Dennis Rodman Is Already Bored With North Korea

Camille Dodero · 05/22/13 03:51PM

On Monday night, Dennis Rodman celebrated his 52nd birthday at Cheetahs, a gentleman’s club in Times Square. One press release advertised the event, part of an extended birthday tour, as “a no-holds barred birthday with topless dancers, thongs, and naked sushi.” Another cheekily teased that the NBA Hall of Famer might bring along a certain famously despotic guest, one Kim Jong-un, so that "maybe the Cheetah Strippers and Rodman can secure what our government has failed to do."

Michael Bay Is Sorry About Armageddon

Taylor Berman · 04/22/13 10:39PM

When you think about terrible Michael Bay movies, you think of...well, all of them, except for maybe the first Bad Boys, which the 15-year-old me remembers as being entertaining enough. But if you were to name the worst Bay film, it'd have to be one from the Transformers trilogy, right? Not according to Bay. In a recent interview with the Miami Herald, the director opened up about the one movie he regrets making.

Mayan Apocalypse Is Total Bullshit, Claim Druids

Max Read · 12/22/11 04:00PM

The scientific and religious consensus that the world is going to end in 365 days when the planet Nibiru collides with earth on December 21, 2012 was dealt a shattering blow yesterday when English druids said their winter solstice ritual was "a good omen for the year ahead." Will 2012 probably be okay because the druids said so? Or will it be the literal end of time because the Mayans* said so?

NASA to Do Armageddon, in Real Life

Max Read · 08/09/10 12:46AM

NASA would like to send a spacecraft to RQ36, the "mountain-size" asteroid expected to hit earth around 2182, to collect samples and map the asteroid. Be more budget-conscious, NASA! You could just rent Armageddon for a couple bucks instead. [NatGeo]

Sell Out, Pack Up, Leave Town, Hunker Down

Hamilton Nolan · 06/15/10 02:52PM

The Way We Live Now: Cashing out. While we can. Take the dollars, or the pennies on the dollar, and be happy. Cut your losses. Follow Ralph Lauren's lead! Loot the museums! Call in sick! Run for the golden horizon!

Even More Volcanic Eruptions Possible

Ravi Somaiya · 04/18/10 09:40AM

A scientist says that, as Iceland's glaciers melt due to climate change, we may see many more volcanic eruptions. Next up (perhaps): neighboring volcano Katla. Maybe Nostradamus and Roland Emmerich were right about 2012. [Times of London]

The Bright Side Of Magazine Armageddon

Ryan Tate · 12/10/08 02:13AM

Oh, it's a terrible time to own a magazine. Advertising is falling and expected to plummet further. Everyone's laying people off, going online only or outright shutting down. But every editor worth his salt knows how to put a contrarian, positive spin on a dire situation. Time Inc. may be in the process of laying off 600 people, but, hey, the magazine group's executive vice president told Peter Kafka the layoffs are "pretty much" done, and if you're still employed with the company you probably won't get laid off between now and New Year's. Why, that's positively delightful! And dig the way Newsweek tried to positively spin a purported 1 million-copy-cut in its rate base:

'This Old Thing? It's Just My Going To The Store Outfit'

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/04/08 04:05PM

Never one to look dowdy or frumpy, Armageddon star Liv Tyler went down to the corner market last night to pick up some milk for her cereal. While checking out at the market, the girl behind the register asked if Tyler was going to the nearby high school's homecoming dance or a movie premiere or if she was going to meet Prince Charming. Tyler said, "Nope. Just picking up some milk. Also, Prince Charming doesn't exist. Just Prince Good Enough."

Now, How Did Ben Affleck Do That Again?

Douglas Reinhardt · 08/06/08 03:25PM

Looks like Liv Tyler should've asked her Armageddon co-star Ben Affleck for some tips on how to tip on the DL. While at LAX on Tuesday afternoon, Tyler attempted to slide the tip into the skycap's pocket, but the skycap mistook the gesture for something a bit more forward. Tyler explained that she was trying to tip him and didn't mean anything by it. The skycap smile and said, "You could just give it to me. No need to be a Sneaky Pete about things."