Rebecca Black's New Single Is Here

Adrian Chen · 07/18/11 04:19PM

Here it is, Rebecca Black's new single: "This Is My Moment." That she released it on a Monday says a lot about how ready she is to move past "Friday." Good luck with that!

The Guy Who Brought You Rebecca Black Has a Brand New Act

Adrian Chen · 07/01/11 10:59AM

Patrice Wilson, CEO of Ark Music Factory and the man responsible for Rebecca Black, has had a busy week: He just premiered the music video of his newest artist, Lexi St. George, on Good Morning America. We spoke to him about the surprising success that's come from "Friday," the most-hated YouTube video of all time.

Everyone Wants a Piece of Rebecca Black's 'Friday'

Adrian Chen · 04/02/11 01:12PM

Rebecca Black's "Friday" is so terrible that… her mom and the production company that made the song and video are fighting over it. A "Friday" legal battle is brewing, and it's not about who should be sent to Music Prison over the song.

Meet the Man Responsible for Rebecca Black

Adrian Chen · 03/30/11 01:00PM

This month Rebecca Black's "Friday" hit the Internet like audio-visual swine flu—and the Internet hit back. She seemed to come out of nowhere, possibly autotuned from her first word. But Black was spawned by the vanity production company Ark Music Factory. We spoke with Ark Music Factory CEO Patrice Wilson, who claimed "Friday" was dumb by design.

Rebecca Black's Weird Music Factory Will Tell All Tomorrow

Adrian Chen · 03/24/11 05:35PM

Ark Music Factory, the vanity production company Rebecca Black's mom paid $2,000 to make that "Friday video," just released this teaser video for something they're calling "The Truth About Ark." Not really sure what to make of this, but apparently it will counter all the mean things people have been saying about Ark, i.e. that they exploit their roster of tween girls' misguided dreams of fame for profit.

The Internet Made Rebecca Black Cry

Adrian Chen · 03/18/11 01:26PM

Teen meme Rebecca Black was on Good Morning America today talking about the ridicule and fame brought by her "Friday" music video. She seems to be handling it pretty well, even if some of the mean YouTube comments made her cry.

What's 4chan Going to Do to Rebecca Black?

Adrian Chen · 03/18/11 01:00AM

Rebecca Black, star of the hugely popular and terrible "Friday" viral video, complained to The Daily Beast today about the mean things people are saying about her on the Internet: "Those hurtful comments really shocked me," she said. "At times, it feels like I'm being cyberbullied." And this was before 4chan launched "Operation Black Friday."