Inside the Huffington Post-AOL Civil War

Ryan Tate · 06/10/11 02:25PM

Sure, we'd heard there was a civil war at AOL following the Huffington Post merger. But we never imagined we'd be hearing tales quite so evocative of schoolyard bullying. Team HuffPo is apparently the meanest clique at AOL Junior High.

The Implosion of the Huffington Post-AOL Merger

Ryan Tate · 06/07/11 02:28PM

Arianna Huffington was controversial back when she only oversaw 70 or so employees. Now that she's riding herd over 1,300 AOL journalists, the Huffington Post founder faces an army of disgruntled enemies. And they're leaking to the press.

New AOL Policy Incorporates Satanic Code Words and Elf Metaphors

Seth Abramovitch · 05/08/11 09:18PM

One arranged marriage to a Hellenic blogging empress and massive employee cull later, obsolescence-battling internet service AOL finally finds itself facing the music. But despite an 86% tumble in profits, chief executive and content cheerleader Tim Armstrong remains unflappably optimistic about the company's prospects. His plans might be bold, he acknowledges to The New York Times, but they're working!

HuffPo Writers Sue For Their Piece of the Pie

Hamilton Nolan · 04/12/11 10:17AM

Ever since The Huffington Post sold itself off to AOL for an enormous pile of treasure, the legions of people who've been happily blogging for HuffPo for free for all these years have been asking themselves: Hey, shouldn't we get a piece of that pie? Now, they are demanding it.

Arianna Huffington's Ego Rules AOL, Says Arianna Huffington

Ryan Tate · 04/07/11 03:29PM

Two months after AOL acquired her website the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington has begun refashioning the internet conglomerate into a gigantic digital mirror whose reporters will document every last twitch of her ego. Or so says Arianna Huffington.

AOL Is Firing People for Being Bad at Firing People

Ryan Tate · 04/06/11 07:01PM

Few managers enjoy firing people, but at efficiency-obsessed AOL, layoff skills are apparently considered crucial: The internet conglomerate just dismissed a top editor for firing writers and then telling them they could write for free.

Put Your Shoes Back On, Privileged Techies

Ryan Tate · 04/05/11 01:12PM

Employees at Google and AOL are among those going barefoot today to raise awareness of shoeless poor kids. If only there were some other way rich techies could help third world children, aside from disgustingly and dangerously removing their shoes!

Survey Says: Nobody Much Likes The Daily

Hamilton Nolan · 03/31/11 02:00PM

In your nor'easterly Thursday media column: The Daily's grim prospects, gritty Twitty New York City, newspapers will die, more awards news than is called for, and Arianna Huffington's latest outrage.

Beauty Abounds at Fashion Week

Brian Moylan · 02/16/11 06:55PM

Just like Hansel and Gretel were trapped in that gingerbread house, we are still trapped in the sweet, sweet world of New York Fashion Week. Here are some of the best pictures of the day, like this model backstage at 3.1 Philip Lim. We can't tell if she's delighted or yawning. [Image via AP]