Arianna Huffington Got Bored with These Tech Blogs So Now AOL's Selling Them

Adrian Chen · 05/09/12 09:55AM

AOL is shopping around TechCrunch and its other tech properties for around $70-100 million, according to PandoDaily. TechCrunch's history since AOL bought it in 2010 has been as turbulent as the private roller coasters many Facebook employees will likely install in their Silicon Valley mansions post-IPO. After Arianna Huffington was named ruler of AOL's editorial domain she squeezed out former TechCrunch boss Mike Arrington. But it seems she just couldn't be bothered with TechCrunch—after all, it's not even named after her. Now she's refocusing on the Huffington Post.

Arianna Huffington Has Been Hacked

Maureen O'Connor · 04/20/12 04:43PM

Early yesterday morning, Arianna Huffington's AOL email address sent a spam hyperlink to numerous people in her address book. It was an email virus, the apparent product of a hack on the AOL News headmistress' personal account.

Arianna Huffington's Global Cocktail Party

Hamilton Nolan · 01/18/12 09:56AM

Celebrity self-justification platform The Huffington Post is launching a spinoff in France called "Le Huffington Post," French for "Another Fucking Huffington Post." Welcome to Arianna's global cocktail party, French people. You only think you're invited.