Turkish Official Carried By Farmers Possibly Ariana Grande in Disguise

Dayna Evans · 01/06/15 02:41PM

A Turkish official who was carried across a snowy patch in the Aegean province because he was not wearing sensible footwear has been suspended, the BBC reports, for his inability to comply with the "municipality's attitude of service, citizen relations and values." He had some local farmers carry him as to not get his feetsies wet.

A Diva Is Born: Every One of 2014's Amazing Ariana Grande Rumors

Allie Jones · 12/29/14 12:55PM

In 2014, lifelike ponytail Ariana Grande went from "that girl from Nickelodeon" to one of the biggest divas on the planet. Allegedly. Throughout the year, gossip stories piled up on this website and others detailing the precious pop star's terrible antics. We loved it! But was any of it true?

Ariana Grande: "I Love Big Black Balls"

Allie Jones · 12/09/14 10:07AM

Perhaps feeling frisky after performing at the very grown-up event that is the Annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Ariana Grande revealed a sexual preference to the only virgin in attendance, Ed Sheeran. According to Sheeran, Lil' Ari looked him in the eye during the show's finale and confessed, "I love big black balls."

Ariana Grande's "Obsessed" Fan Showed Up to Meet Her In a Santa Suit

Allie Jones · 12/03/14 08:37AM

Ariana Grande's most festive fan was placed on psychiatric hold last week after he showed up at her record label headquarters in New York City wearing a Santa suit. Perhaps inspired by Ariana's new single "Santa Tell Me," 29-year-old Tim Normandin ignored warnings from cops and tried to meet the star.

Chris Pratt Plows Through Your Panties on Saturday Night Live

Kelly Conaboy · 09/28/14 09:17AM

Chris Pratt hosted the generally enjoyable season premiere of Saturday Night Live last night, with musical guest Ariana Grande. The premiere brought with it the introduction of the wonderful Michael Che as Weekend Update's new co-anchor and a new cast member that was born in the year 1993. One year before Kurt Cobain died. Let's enjoy the good sketches together!

Ariana Grande Has a "Good Side," Bad Attitude

Rich Juzwiak · 09/09/14 12:19PM

Teacup Yorkie Ariana Grande has been releasing albums for a little over a year, but she already has a diva-sized 'tude, according to a report. The piece claims that she arrived at an interview with a list of demands (don't ask questions about: relationships/dating/ex-boyfriends, Mariah Carey, Sam & Cat/Jennette McCurdy, working/collaborating with Justin Bieber, her grandfather passing away).

Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj Drop New Music Video About Banging

Caity Weaver · 08/26/14 12:00PM

The plot of the video is a little like Ariana Grande giving a reading from Romans: difficult to comprehend, but passionately expressed nonetheless. Broadly: Three women who either are best friends (from college?) or have never met before, are alive on a sweltering summer day and then all of a sudden it's nighttime and they're on a roof and they're dancing. Judging from the attire of those assembled, the building at which they have gathered for this alcohol-free party is likely Manhattan's iconic Forever 21 skyscraper. Everyone points at one another. The avenues of New York City are flooded with magenta light, for Breast Cancer Awareness by Dre.The official video for the catchiest Beats by Dre commercial ever written washed over the Internet like a devastating sea of flames Tuesday, leaving thousands homeless and many more badly burned. It's "Bang Bang" by Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and that one girl. Everybody loves it!