Coyote Eats Tri-State Area Dog In Brazen Show of Strength

Gabrielle Bluestone · 05/03/15 08:02PM

Was a coyote sending a calculated message to tri-state area humans this weekend when he snatched a small dog out of a backyard and presumably tore it apart with his sharp teeth? I’m not a coyote and I don’t profess to understand how they think, but if you held one to my head my answer would be, “Yes, this is possible.”

Are Wes and Spike Headed for Boy Genius Dammerung?

Richard Rushfield · 10/12/09 07:15PM

A decade ago they were the child auteurs who could do no wrong. Wes Anderson and Spike Jonze were not just proclaimed the saviors of the cinema, but of modern civilization as well.

No One Gets Out Clean

Rebecca · 03/12/08 05:12PM

Talk about a reversal of fortunes! Instead of reblogging the New York Post's content, today Gothamist had its content lifted by the Post. The paper ran a Gothamist photoshopped picture of Eliot Spitzer without crediting the site. You may think, How sad, New York Post, stealing from a web site. Or how sad, Gothamist, crowing that the New York Post stole from you. Or even, how sad, Gawker, caring about any of this. But one thing is for sure, this Eliot Spitzer scandal has left blood on all our hands.