Cuts at Condé, Leno's Big Pick, The Glenn Beck Exodus

cityfile · 08/14/09 01:29PM

• The next top editor to fall victim to budget cuts at Condé Nast, at least according to Keith Kelly: Architectural Digest editor Paige Rense. [NYP]
• The first guest on Jay Leno's new show on Sept. 14: Jerry Seinfeld. [THR]
• Jay, Conan, Jon, Jimmy, Jimmy, or Craig? Now more than ever, celeb (and their publicists) are being forced to choose between late-night hosts. [THR]
• At least a dozen advertisers have abandoned Glenn Beck's show now that he's established himself as the most vile human being on television. [NYT]
• A big group of media companies—including CBS, NBC, Disney, News Corp., and Viacom—have teamed up to give the Nielsen ratings a run for its money. [NYT]

Canceled Krucoff Auction Scandalmongering

Chris Mohney · 10/16/06 05:25PM

You think it's over? It's only over when Andrew Krucoff (and his swarm of parasitical pro bono attorneys) say it's over. To recap, friendly Gawker ghost Krucoff won an eBay auction for lunch with Architectural Digest's Katherine Scully. The auction was arranged to benefit a charity called Alpha Workshops, which trains people with HIV in the "decorative arts." However, after winning the auction and paying up, Krucoff was notified by Paypal — days later — that the lunch was no longer available, and his money was refunded. No further explanation has been forthcoming. But given the suspicion that the auction might have been scotched due to Krucoff's tempestuous history with AD owner Conde Nast, the man is in no mood to take a form rejection lying down. Instead, there is hushed, urgent, accusatory whispering about restraint of trade, legal recourse, and loss of work — in other words, can we polish up a teapot for this tempest? The faceless folk at eBay assure that "appropriate action" has been taken after the auction cancellation, and Alpha Workshops appears to have dropped out of the eBay auction business. Let's hope that if the charity wouldn't take Krucoff's money, they at least took Conde Nast's to kill the deal.

No Conde Cafeteria Klatsch for Krucoff

Chris Mohney · 10/09/06 12:20PM

We were very much looking forward to friend-of-the-family Andrew Krucoff's lunch with Architectural Digest's Katherine Scully. The occasion was duly won, bought, and paid for via charity auction, but as the man himself reports, manifest shenanigans rule the day:

The Levin house in Architectural Digest

Gawker · 02/09/03 11:13AM

"This was not a story about Jerry and Barb Levin," says Architectural Digest Editor Paige Rense on the March story that features the home of the newly and somewhat acrimoniously separated couple. "It is a story about a beautiful home that was decorated by Barbara Levin, who is a former interior designer. I would have done the story no matter who she was married to." [Ed. note*cough* bullshit *cough*]
Magazine editor's bête noire: news trumps story in the works [NYT]