Here's 2001, A Space Odyssey With Archer's Jon Benjamin as HAL 9000

Jay Hathaway · 05/29/14 01:10PM

H. Jon Benjamin, who you may know as Sterling Archer, Bob from Bob's Burgers, or the owner of a van, isn't exactly famous in the voice acting world for his steely, emotionless intonation. And that's what's so good about this scene from Kubrick's 2001, dubbed over with Benjamin as HAL.

Archer: Pam Gets Abducted

Whitney Jefferson · 04/01/11 02:15PM

During last night's episode of Archer, we got to learn a lot more about the show's "lesser" characters, Cheryl and Pam. When Pam gets abducted by people who think that she's actually Cheryl, we learn that Cheryl's had a secret all along.

Archer's Terms of Enrampagement is Philadelphia Meets Magnum P.I.

Anderson Evans · 03/25/11 10:35AM

Archer just loves paying homage to the men with mustaches that made the 80s such a masculine world to live in. On last night's episode, Archer took the opportunity to document his chemo treatment for the breast cancer he found out he had last episode, but he wasn't willing to make such a film without some major auteur sensibilities. It seems this moving conclusion to last night's Archer was heavily influenced by a controversial episode of Magnum P.I.

Archer Gets Breast Cancer

Whitney Jefferson · 03/18/11 02:40PM

When Archer goes with Mallory to get her breast cancer test results back, the doctor gives Mallory a clear bill of health—and finds a lump in Archer's chest.

Archer: Bring a Movie Star to Work Day

Whitney Jefferson · 03/11/11 03:00PM

Meet Rona, Archer's answer to the Reese Witherspoons of our world. Mallory assigns Lana to take Rona (who's voiced by the funny Rachel Harris) around with her for awhile to help her get prepared for an upcoming role.

Archer: Do You Not?

Whitney Jefferson · 03/04/11 01:30PM

This week on Archer, trusty accountant Cyril (who is voiced by Chris Parnell, in case you forgot) goes sells out ISIS for a measly $50,000 dollars. As a result, we're given a few flashbacks into Cyril's sad past.

Archer Channels His Inner Burt Reynolds

Anderson Evans · 02/18/11 01:45PM

It's always great when our favorite pop culture characters have a clear understanding of Pop Culture and have some eccentric favorites of their own. Case and point: Last night's Archer showed Sterling to be quite the Burt Reynolds fanboy.

Archer: The Wee Baby Seamus

Anderson Evans · 02/11/11 05:40PM

On last night's Archer, a hooker showed up demanding a paternity test from Archer, but the last thing the world's most important secret agent is ready for is fatherhood.

A Clockwork Archer

Anderson Evans · 02/04/11 01:30PM

Sterling Archer's mommy issues are to thank for his need to emulate Stanley Kubrick on last night's Archer. Enjoy this horror show clip of an animated Jeffery Tambor being mind-raped out of a romantic interest in Archer's mom.

Archer is a Hit with Not-Quite-Legal Teens

Anderson Evans · 01/28/11 11:20AM

No, not the show, but Sterling Archer himself. Last night's season premiere finds our hero trying to dissuade unwanted finger banging from a sixteen year old seductress hailing from a country where the age of consent is fourteen.

Cliffhanger Questions on Archer's Season Finale

Anderson Evans · 03/19/10 12:49PM

Questions were posed, few were answered. Who is Archer's father? Is Lana really going to bang that fat woman nobody will sleep with? Will Cyril go postal? Thank God Archer got renewed!

The Archer Where Everybody Went on Strike

Anderson Evans · 03/05/10 02:16PM

Last night there was a brief appearance from Arrested Development's Jeffery Tambor, and a lot less violence than fans have grown accustomed to. With the ISIS crew on strike over cost-of-living adjustments, the big guns just couldn't get pulled out.

Kevin James and Vince Vaughn, United in Schlub

Adrian Chen · 02/23/10 03:42AM

Schlubby actors Kevin James and Vince Vaughn schlub it up in a movie. Jim Beluschi will schlub it up in a a TV drama. The UK Doesn't like Alice in Wonderland. Trade Roundup: Safety glasses required beyond this point.