Cord Jefferson · 10/29/13 11:11AM

The Washington Post does not like the new Arcade Fire record: "Look, I’m sure they’re very nice people, but on their fourth album, 'Reflektor,' Arcade Fire still sound like gigantic dorks with boring sex lives." And it goes on from there.

Gabrielle Bluestone · 10/12/13 01:00PM

"You know, I went to one of your first shows and there were more people on stage then there were in the audience. You don't need three drummers," Zach Galifianakis tells Arcade Fire in minute 14 of a 22-minute concert special directed by Roman Coppola, that also features Bill Hader, James Franco, Michael Cera, Aziz Ansari and Rainn Wilson.

'Hitler Youth' Hairdo So Hot Right Now

Maureen O'Connor · 11/16/11 05:59PM

You know that increasingly popular old-timey hairdo for men where the sides are shorn short, but the top remains long and can be slicked back with brylcreem or sculpted into an ornate pomade wave? Joe Jonas has it, and so does the guy from Arcade Fire. David Lynch sports an extreme version.

Jenna Bush Ruins Indie Favorites

Rebecca · 03/03/08 04:13PM

Before you watch the video, you should know that Jenna Bush says some nice things about bands that you might like. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of your own taste, you should not watch this video.

If You've Visited Canada, You Can't Vote

Nick Denton · 03/02/08 12:20PM

Hillary Clinton's campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination has perfected the geographic excuse. South Carolina wasn't representative because the primary electorate was so black; defeat in Delaware didn't count because the state was so small; Maine held a caucus, dominated by Obama-loving activists, and it snowed. Clinton headquarters used the same playbook when dismissing the endorsement of Barack Obama by Arcade Fire, the indie band. They're Canadian, the Clintonites claimed, so their support doesn't count. Except the band members, as noted by Adam Nagourney of the New York Times, actually grew up in Texas, the biggest state up for grabs in the Democratic race this coming Tuesday. Despite the rush of actors and musicians to Obama's camp, Hillary does retain some cultural cred. Last night's appearance by the Senator on Saturday Night Live , though it lacked the impact of her husband's saxophone show on Arsenio in 1992, wasn't entirely embarrassing. Click for the clip.

Pareene · 10/16/07 02:15PM

New Yorker music critic Sasha Frere-Jones is concerned that all the indie kids don't try to sound like black people anymore. He went to an Arcade Fire show and was totally bored! Do they even have a rhythm section? It's all shouting and French horns, isn't it? "But, in the past few years," says Sasha, "I've spent too many evenings at indie concerts waiting in vain for vigor, for rhythm, for a musical effect that could justify all the preciousness." Ok so he didn't he get there in time for LCD Soundsystem then? [New Yorker]

Promotional Airbrushing Sure To Disappoint Hilton's New Lynwood Neighbors

mark · 06/04/07 08:28PM

· Maybe we're just fatigued from too much Hilton coverage, but does it seem like E! gave Paris an airbrushed rack as a going away present? Bonus: A Simple Life mugshot face-off!
· Headline begging for a bad one-liner that we're too lazy to provide: Pope To Be Named NBC Studio Head, Sources Say.
· We're pretty sure the reasons blogs were invented were to make sure it's as simple as possible to start an online feud with indie rockers who allegedly stole your basketball.
· Slow the Fuck Down, says angry Hancock Park sign-maker.
· LAist decries the inhumane conditions (i.e., exposure to Dane Cook) they were subjected to in the MTV Movie Awards Blogghetto.

Win Butler on the Brain at the Observer

lneyfakh · 03/17/07 03:01PM

In the culture section of this week's New York Observer, real estate reporter Max Abelson tries his hand at music criticism and spills a few hundred words on the new album by LCD Soundsystem. We're sure it's a fine piece, but as it happened, we didn't get through half of it before we noticed that the accompanying photograph of James Murphy was taken by none other than Win Butler, lead singer of the Arcade Fire.

Why Arcade Fire's St. Win Destroyed His Guitar

abalk2 · 03/16/07 12:17PM

On Wednesday we mentioned to a friend that we were sort of warming up to the new Arcade Fire record, This Music Will Make The Blind See. Yesterday, giving it another listen, we got to the lyric "Don't want to live in America no more," and said, "You know what, fuck this shit." Our verdict is still at "disappointment." Anyway, Win Butler was in this week's Onion, talking about the famous "Saturday Night Live" guitar-smashing incident (an act only slightly less juvenile than the aforementioned lyric). His explanation?

Media Bubble: Giving You The Bird

abalk2 · 03/15/07 10:08AM

Someone sent us this picture of what they describe as a "wild bird" outside the Conde Nast building this morning, which is apparently freaking people out as much or more than the homeless woman who was peeing in the lobby of 4 Times Square on Friday. The bird will be served in the cafeteria around noon. Anna Wintour's gonna put a napkin over her head and eat it ortolan-style. And now, the news.

Arcade Fire's "Neon Bible": Transcendent Or Extraordinary?

abalk2 · 03/05/07 01:20PM

Today's the day that thousands of sensitive young men with artfully-mussed hair and faded Luna t-shirts have been waiting for: Neon Bible, the second record from sorta-Canadian indie heroes Arcade Fire, sees release shortly. That's right, the album that's going to cure cancer and end famine and bring Trump and Rosie together is almost on the shelves! The young men, of course, don't care about that—they downloaded it off the Internet months ago—but they do want to know what Pitchfork has to say about it so that they can adjust their opinions accordingly.