The Best April Fools' Day Pranks, Japes, and Jests

Alex Pareene · 04/01/16 04:35PM

Phew! Another April Fools’ Day come and gone. Did you make it through without falling for one of those hilarious pranks that brands, blogs, and businesses love to spring on us each year? Wait—don’t answer yet. Maybe you got punked without even knowing it! Here are some of today’s best practical jokes that you might have missed.

Your Best April Fool's Day Prank Stories

Louis Peitzman · 04/01/12 10:04AM

It's April Fool's Day, which means you've probably already been tricked into believing something amazing and then mocked for your gullibility. Isn't this fun? But for those who want to live vicariously through other people's pranking, here's a collection of reader submissions sent in following my appeal on Friday.

Submit Your Best April Fool's Day Prank Stories

Louis Peitzman · 03/30/12 03:05PM

Depending on how much you enjoy making an ass of others (or having an ass made of you), April Fool's Day can be a sacred holiday. There are those who have elevated pranking to an art form: gone are the days when you could simply swap the salt and sugar, or fake a teen pregnancy.

Friendly Republicans Produce Obama's First 2012 Campaign Ad

Jim Newell · 04/01/11 11:02AM

Hey now wait a minute. Why would the National Republican Senatorial Committee produce a campaign ad supporting Barack Obama... unless... Oh, right, it's April 1 and everyone tells lies all day. Then again, this video appears to have been uploaded on March 31, so maybe the NRSC really does want Obama to win in 2012. That would be nuts. You can watch the ad and decide. Obama rides a unicorn over a rainbow and suggests boosting oil imports from Brazil, though not in the same shot.

How Not to Get Fooled on April Fools Day

Brian Moylan · 03/31/11 05:53PM

It's April 1st, the day when every office jokester and petty prankster thinks up some gags at your expense that they think will be hilarious. Well, not this year, jackass. Here's a guide on how not to fall for anything.

An April Fool's Day Ode to Office Pranks

Zach Mack · 04/01/10 10:30AM

Pulling an epic prank on your coworkers is always the most satisfying way to get you jollies on April Fool's Day. If you're feeling strapped for ideas, we've compiled a few examples to get the diabolical juices flowing.