Derek Jeter Was OK

Tom Scocca · 09/25/14 11:35AM

After tonight—or as of yesterday, depending on the rain—Derek Jeter will have played his final game in Yankee Stadium. It's as fine a time as any to note, for the record, that Derek Jeter was an OK ballplayer. He was pretty good at playing baseball, overall, and he did it for a pretty long time.

Five Things Hot Tub Time Machine Will Ruin Forever

Brian Moylan · 03/26/10 04:44PM

If you do one thing this weekend, go see Hot Tub Time Machine, preferably on a mind-altering substance. It's really that good. However, there are some things this master of obvious comedy is going to change forever.

The Apple Tablet and the Joy of Anticipation

Richard Lawson · 01/27/10 10:44AM

One of the great modern pastimes — speculating and rumormongering about the Apple Tablet — will come to an end today when Steve Jobs finally unveils his messiah device. It's a game few are ready to stop playing.