The Final Round of Apple Tablet Rumors

Ravi Somaiya · 01/26/10 06:46AM

As of tomorrow there will be no more Apple tablet rumors to swirl around and debate endlessly — the damned thing will finally be announced. In memory of the esteemed journalistic practice, here are today's final speculations.

The Apple Tablet Restructures the New York Times

Ryan Tate · 01/25/10 12:38PM

The New York Times Company is launching new "Reader Applications" division, according to an internal memo. This is probably the first corporate re-organization motivated by an external product that doesn't officially exist. The new business-side group will oversee products for non-Apple devices like the Kindle, Sony Reader and Barnes & Noble Nook. In fact, the word "Apple" appears nowhere in today's memo from Times Company president Scott Heekin-Canedy. But the timing of the announcement just days before Apple is expected to unveil its own tablet device is not lost on company insiders. We're guessing newsroom staff will be watching Apple's tablet event as obsessively as any Apple fanboys later this week, if only to get details on the "continued growth in this new and important segment of" Times business.

More Evidence 'iPad' Is the Apple Tablet's Name

Ryan Tate · 01/20/10 02:01PM

Deep in the bowels of the Trademark Office is some fresh evidence that Steve Jobs intends to name his messiah machine the "iPad": the company is in a fight with Fujitsu over the trademark.

Barack Obama's 'Laws' vs. Steve Jobs' Wonder Tablet

Ryan Tate · 01/18/10 07:48PM

On January 27, the president of the United States will outline plans for pressing issues like the deficit, immigration, maybe global warming. The same day, the CEO of Apple will hold up new, expensive plastic gadget. Who wins?

Amazon's Very Big, Very Small Kindle Expansion

Andrew Belonsky · 10/07/09 05:01AM

Amazon's a modern day Don Quixote. The company will expand its Kindle service across the globe, but won't look past the device's book-related origins. No touchscreen here. And, thus, no competition for Apple's forthcoming tablet. Silly Jeff Bezos! [Reuters]