Daniel Tosh Takes a Golf Club to an iPad

Mike Byhoff · 02/10/10 09:35AM

Daniel Tosh is is given the opportunity to play around with an iPad before its official release. But he doesn't want to read a book or play any games on it—He wants to drive that sucker.

iPad Gets a Catchy Theme Song and a Side of Nachos

Devon Irete · 02/03/10 01:40PM

Just when you think its all been said and done with iPad spoofs, someone throws one from left field and actually compares the thing to something other than a tampon. "Take nachos for example."

The iPad Will Revolutionize the Way We Make Fun of Things

Mike Byhoff · 02/01/10 04:04PM

Only once a generation does a product come along that is so useless, with such a terrible name, and so universally disliked that even people with absolutely no sense of humor can endlessly mock it. That product? The iPad.

The Week We Raised High the Roof Beams

Pareene · 01/29/10 07:03PM

This week, everyone made a lot of jokes about "goddamn phonies" and all that kind of stuff. Also: some journalists got in a bit of trouble with the law, and a guy gave us a giant phone, for elderly people.

Pee Wee Herman Gets an iPad

Whitney Jefferson · 01/29/10 11:34AM

It's always weird when pop culture figures from different eras meet each other. Watch our worlds collide as Pee Wee Herman and his playhouse friends play with his new iPad. Period jokes and a spot-on critique of the tablet ahead!

Print Media's Big Tablet Letdown

Ryan Tate · 01/27/10 02:43PM

No doubt, Steve Jobs showed off a compelling tablet computer today, one that should excite people who make videogames, TV shows — even books. But today's Apple iPad debut was a big letdown for magazine and newspaper people.

MADTV Predicted the iPad Back in 2005

Frank Cozzarelli · 01/27/10 02:35PM

Years ago, MadTV anticipated the jokes we'd be making today about Apple's chosen name for their tablet. "With the new iPad, I can just hook up my Apple to my Peach, and I can download protection for a thousand periods!"

CNBC Anchor Says the iPad "Reminds Me Of Feminine Products"

Whitney Jefferson · 01/27/10 01:55PM

CNBC's coverage of the Apple iPad went downhill when a female anchor equated the tablet to the types of products that women use once a month. The male anchors couldn't hold back their distaste for the comparison.