Newlywed Wife Admits Shoving Husband Off Steep Cliff

Lacey Donohue · 09/09/13 07:26PM

Jordan Linn Graham, 22, of Kalispell, Montana was charged Monday with killing her husband, Cody Lee Johnson, 25. Only one week after getting married, both were arguing in the Loop Trail area of Glacier National Park on July 7 when, according to the affidavit:

Gunshots at Obama's Denver Campaign Offices

Mallory Ortberg · 10/13/12 02:12PM

According to Denver police, shots fired at the Denver field offices for the Obama campaign yesterday resulted in mild property damage but no injuries to the workers inside at the time. No arrests have been made, although that probably hasn't stopped anyone from making a few guesses. Ohio isn't that far from Colorado, after all.

Another Recently Deported Jewish Rapper for Romney

Mallory Ortberg · 10/13/12 01:04PM

Barack Obama may be in serious danger of losing the vote of those who are unable to vote if he continues to alienate deported foreign-born felons at this rate. "I'd vote for [Mitt] Romney," Shyne announced in a recent interview with MTV News, adding that the President was "corny" and needed to "help the [J]ew out." Shyne was deported in 2009 after serving nearly a decade in prison for a nightclub shooting that injured three people.

The World's Tallest Dog Is Tall as Hell

Max Read · 09/19/12 02:06PM

Meet Zeus, the world's tallest dog, as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. How tall is Zeus? Zeus measures "44 in (111.8 cm) from foot to withers" (the withers is "the ridge between the shoulder blades of a four-legged mammal").

Pentagon Finds Gossipy Navy SEAL Author in Breach of Non-Disclosure Agreements, Considers Pressing Charges

Taylor Berman · 08/30/12 08:17PM

Obama critic and former Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette might be in a bit of trouble with his old bosses for writing No Easy Day, which includes a detailed account of the bin Laden killing. According Jeh Johnson, the general counsel of the Defense Department, Bissonette signed non-disclosure agrements with the Navy in 2007 that said he could "never divulge" classified information, which, apparently includes writing books about top secret missions. Johnson said the Pentagon is looking into "all remedies legally available to us."