Harold Ford, Rock Star

cityfile · 02/05/10 04:54PM

Former congressman and possible Senate candidate Harold Ford is getting $20K a pop to give speeches around the country. Among the demands listed on his "tour rider": Limo drivers have to carry a sign that reads "H.F."; he needs an "alternate entrance & exit" at each venue; and you can't feed him shellfish. He's allergic (but will probably claim he's kosher when it comes time to lock in the Jewish vote.) [TSG]

Jersey Shore Heads to New Haven

cityfile · 01/19/10 01:30PM

Students at NYU Law couldn't come up with the cash to have Snooki from MTV's Jersey Shore make an appearance last week. But either undergrads at Yale have more of their parents' money to blow or they're simply more determined because they have two Jersey Shore cast members booked between now and the weekend. (Vinny will be there on Thursday; Snooki is scheduled to make an appearance this weekend.) "Will Snooki find love and existential fulfillment at Yale? Will she find a New Poughkeepsie in New Haven?" Maybe not, but the $10K she'll walk away with should be reward enough. [IvyGate, previously]

Snooki Crushes Dreams at NYU Law

cityfile · 01/12/10 02:22PM

It's been a heartbreaking day at NYU Law. It seems a group of students tried to make arrangements to have Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from MTV's Jersey Shore pay them a visit, but then the whole thing fell through at the last minute. After the jump: The tragic details and amusing memo that was circulated earlier today.

Snooki Awaits Your Call

cityfile · 12/18/09 01:30PM

If you're a fan of MTV's Jersey Shore, your next birthday party just got about ten times more exciting. Nicole Polizzi, or "Snooki" as she's known to the universe, will gladly turn up in person—and hopefully do some of her very impressive backflips for you—for "$2,000 plus transportation." [NYC The Blog]

Brooklyn Writers: Hide

Hamilton Nolan · 11/02/09 10:23AM

Authors: never get conned by a friendly reporter into doing one of those "Let's Explore This Famous Writers' Work Space" stories. Your cool office is only cool in secret. We mean you, Jonathan Lethem!

It's So Awkward Being Rich These Days

Owen Thomas · 01/07/09 03:34PM

Unconspicuous consumption is the hot new thing. That $300 million megayacht? Tacky, what with the layoffs. Private jet? Forget about it, after Detroit's debacle. Even the celebrity goodie-bag business is endangered.

Obama: Too Dominican

Hamilton Nolan · 05/21/08 12:30PM

This flier has reportedly been circulating throughout Puerto Rico, which holds its primaries on June 1. As you can see, it features a poorly Photoshopped version of Barack Obama dressed up as dreaded Dominican. There's no indication the Hillary Clinton campaign is actually connected to this flier. And really, why would she go to the trouble? The lesson: West Virginians and Puerto Ricans have more in common than they think. Click to enlarge. [via Ad Age] [UPDATE: A tipster points out that this flier is a spoof! It comes from the all-day-jokers at 23/6. There are some anti-Hillary ones too, so let's just say everyone everywhere is racist and sexist and leave it at that.]

Why Elon Musk isn't in Fortune's PayPal Mafia picture

Megan McCarthy · 11/16/07 07:11PM

Accompanying the Fortune article about the PayPal mafia is a fantastic shot of the article subjects dressed as gangsters. But, if you look closely, there are three people missing from the main group shot of the players. YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen were, as we surmised, nixed from allowing to participate in the shot once the corporate handlers at Google got wind of the theme. The other missing link? founder Elon Musk, who has a controversial history with PayPal-gang godfather Peter Thiel. So why wasn't Musk included in the large group shot? Did Thiel pull some strings to keep him separated from the core gang?

Tina Brown Last Night Among The People

Doree Shafrir · 07/11/07 10:37AM

Tina Brown's book The Diana Chronicles is perched prettily atop the New York Times Hardcover Nonfiction bestseller list. (Take that, Chris Hitchens!) All Tina's careful plans have gone exactly right. So if one takes as a given that Tina Brown is the queen of intentionality, her decision to have a discussion with Times reporter Warren Hoge (who was London bureau chief for eight years) in the overheated, scruffy surroundings of The Strand (one of her favorites, and her husband Harry Evans's as well) last evening was to be another indication, perhaps, that Tina is Of The People.

Ladies Of 'The View' Debate Why Everyone Thinks Hugh Jackman Is Gay

seth · 06/04/07 08:03PM

A Rosieless The View hasn't quite been the must-see daytime TV minefield of recent months, but even its gentler incarnation has something to offer viewers looking for their daily dose of ribald and uncensored yenta talk. (From what we hear—we can't really be bothered to tune in without the threat of Elisabeth Hasselbeck getting her face eaten off at any moment hanging over the proceedings.) According to ever-vigilant, however, Joy Behar couldn't resist bringing up the topic of Hugh Jackman, to whom all signs point to Gay: