Mitt Romney Could Have a Harem if He Wanted, Insists National Review

Max Read · 08/22/12 03:16PM

For the last few days, the Republican Party has been reeling over the shockingly retrograde attitudes towards rape and abortion expressed by one of its senate candidate — attitudes that reveal an ignorance about, and disregard for, women and women's health. But into the breach rides The National Review's Kevin D. Williamson, ready to show American women (and the non-women who love them) that the Republican party is inclusive, open, and highly respectful to women:

Mexican Cartels Hiring Pre-Teen Hitmen

Jeff Neumann · 11/13/10 02:15PM

Mexican drug cartels are allegedly hiring hitmen as young as 12 years old to kill rivals and, failing that, random people — "maybe a construction worker or a taxi driver" — one kid, "El Ponchis" says on a cartel video.