Apple Bans Wikileaks App from iPhones

Ryan Tate · 12/21/10 02:20PM

Apple banned the Wikileaks iPhone app, determining it could hurt people, or is illegal, or both. The company didn't actually specify why 73 million iPhone owners are forbidden from using the app, but did coyly hint at the reason.

Apple's Gay Culture Bans Don't Make it 'Moral' or 'Pure'

Ryan Tate · 06/14/10 03:08PM

Apple has proclaimed an iPad "revolution," and has already picked the winners and losers. Banned in its cultural shift are literary illustrations of gay couples making, and of Ulysses. Allowed are heterosexual couples making out and swimsuit editions.

How Apple is Watering Down Fashion Spreads

Ryan Tate · 05/10/10 06:25PM

A British fashion magazine has reportedly dubbed its iPad issue "the Iran edition" due to the requirement to remove nipples and other body parts to get content on Apple's tablet computer. Call this the "Apple chilling effect."

Apple Rejects Gay-Sightseeing App Over Gay Sights

Ryan Tate · 04/28/10 02:28PM

Apple believes it has a "moral responsibility" to patrol content on the iPhone. That apparently includes heavily watering down a guide to New York's gay culture, as one author just learned.

Cartoons Banned By Apple: A Gallery

Ryan Tate · 04/26/10 05:43PM

Apple banned a third prominent cartoonist from its app store, citing mockery of Tiger Woods and a policy against "ridiculing a public figure." If we're to let Apple censor our news, we should familiarize ourselves with the company's whims.