We Just Can't Get Excited About the Environment Any More

Hamilton Nolan · 09/22/11 11:15AM

For a brief period in the 90s—before 9/11, before the global economic collapse, before endless wars in the Middle East—it was fashionable to "care" about the environment. (You could still get laid wearing a World Wildlife Fund t-shirt, in other words.) Now? I mean, yeah, the environment... eh.

Bristol Palin Didn't Vote

Maureen O'Connor · 11/03/10 04:11PM

Baby-making teen role model Bristol Palin was too busy shimmying to vote: "I did not send in my absentee ballots to Alaska. I'm going to be in trouble. Sorry, mom!"

Science Proves You Can Be Bored to Death

Ravi Somaiya · 02/10/10 07:51AM

The more bored you are, the more likely you are to die early, a study says. It may be because boredom causes you to stop exercising and eat donuts. Or it may just be that it sucks to be bored.

Hit-And-Run Apathy Video Proves People Are Bad

Hamilton Nolan · 06/06/08 08:27AM

Have you always suspected that people are fundamentally selfish, apathetic, and cold-hearted? You're right! It's proven by this video of a hit-and-run accident in Hartford, Connecticut. A 78-year-old man is struck by a car—quite an inconvenience for his fellow pedestrians and busy motorists, who all gawk openly but keep on moving. Several people reportedly called 911, but nobody bothered to, you know, go check on the guy sprawled out in the street (who's now paralyzed). Even New York's not this blasé. The video, after the jump.