A Salute to AOL's Tim Armstrong, a Real Shitty Boss

Sam Biddle · 05/12/15 01:05PM

In May 2011, Tim Armstrong spent a day at work barefoot to raise awareness about barefoot children, instead of just donating money to barefoot children to buy them shoes. This is the kind of boss Tim Armstrong is: ineffectual, vapid and stupid.

Aleksander Chan · 05/12/15 06:35AM

Telecom giant Verizon will gobble up AOL for a cool $4.4 billion, at $50 a share, in a deal described by the Wall Street Journal as “aimed at advancing the telecom giant’s growth ambitions in mobile video and advertising.”

AT&T Billed an Elderly Man $24,000 for Using AOL Dial-Up

Jay Hathaway · 04/28/15 03:50PM

An 83-year-old Los Angeles man couldn’t believe the bills AT&T kept sending him for his simple landline phone account—more than $24,000 over two months. But the company insisted he had to pay it, even though it seemed impossible that dialing up to AOL—the only thing he really used the line for—could cost that much.

Why AOL Let AIM Die Even Though Everyone Loved It

Jordan Sargent · 04/16/14 12:30PM

As a company, AOL has made some horrible decisions. Slightly worse than its merger with Time Warner—one of the biggest disasters in American business history—was its decision to let its incredibly popular messaging client, AIM, wither and die. This is why that happened.

Hamilton Nolan · 01/06/14 04:03PM

Fox Business reports that AOL tried to buy Business Insider late last year for "between $100 million and $150 million," but failed because BI wanted "a more lucrative offer." Wellll, how about if they threw in a Wikipedia page? Ehh?

Goodbye, Patch: Good Idea, Bad Execution

Hamilton Nolan · 12/16/13 10:52AM

Patch, AOL's national network of hyperlocal news sites, was born with a big idea: that local news can be profitable... somehow. That may be true. But Patch won't be the one to reap the rewards.

Hamilton Nolan · 08/08/13 10:54AM

Patch, the AOL-owned collection of hyperlocal news sites, will reportedly be laying off as many as 500 people this week.

Arianna Huffington Got Bored with These Tech Blogs So Now AOL's Selling Them

Adrian Chen · 05/09/12 09:55AM

AOL is shopping around TechCrunch and its other tech properties for around $70-100 million, according to PandoDaily. TechCrunch's history since AOL bought it in 2010 has been as turbulent as the private roller coasters many Facebook employees will likely install in their Silicon Valley mansions post-IPO. After Arianna Huffington was named ruler of AOL's editorial domain she squeezed out former TechCrunch boss Mike Arrington. But it seems she just couldn't be bothered with TechCrunch—after all, it's not even named after her. Now she's refocusing on the Huffington Post.

Arianna Huffington Has Been Hacked

Maureen O'Connor · 04/20/12 04:43PM

Early yesterday morning, Arianna Huffington's AOL email address sent a spam hyperlink to numerous people in her address book. It was an email virus, the apparent product of a hack on the AOL News headmistress' personal account.

Terrifying Duopoly To Rule Online Advertising

Ryan Tate · 11/08/11 06:53PM

Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL just sealed a deal to sell premium display advertising space for one another and for any smaller companies that join the consortium. That sounds like an antitrust case in the making, but the parties have one accurate defense against charges of collusion: Google is bigger and scarier.

Arianna Huffington Gets the Finger from Her Entertainment Writers

Ryan Tate · 10/04/11 08:06PM

Arianna Huffington found the name "PopEater" tacky, so she threw everyone overboard and shut the AOL entertainment site down. That, at least, is the unauthorized message Huffington's former minions published to the world via Huffington's servers.