The Reign of Inconspicuous Consumption

cityfile · 11/11/08 10:30AM

It's such a dilemma: You want to acquire several new designer handbags, but in the current economic climate, will it be seen as tacky, insensitive wealth flaunting? As marketing strategist James Chung tells Forbes: "We're way beyond the days of conspicuous consumption," which means it's more essential than ever to know the brands to buy so it doesn't seem like you're showing off.

Target in Manhattan, Gemma's Runway Retirement

cityfile · 08/20/08 03:10PM
  • Great news for those who don't want to leave the island: On September 11th, Target will open four pop-up stores, or "bullseye bodegas," in Midtown, Union Square, SoHo and the East Village; the stores will showcase forthcoming Go ranges like Sigerson Morrison shoes and Anya Hindmarch purses. [DNR via The Cut]