Antonin Scalia Won

Alex Pareene · 02/13/16 10:14PM

Justice Antonin Scalia is dead. His proteges will continue to wreak havoc throughout the country for decades. The longest-service justice at the time of his death, Scalia had more than 100 clerks work under him during his tenure. Those clerks (a couple token liberals among them, admittedly) went on to the highest ranks of the American judiciary and legal profession. There’s an army of Scalias out there.

Antonin Scalia Lost

Tom Scocca · 02/13/16 10:12PM

Antonin Scalia died a failure. He failed at the thing he liked to claim he was doing, and he failed at the thing he genuinely was trying to do. Both failures are captured by the furious and immediate response to his death, as Republican members of the Senate hastily announced that they will preemptively withhold their advice or consent from whoever the President of the United States might nominate to fill the vacancy.

Supreme Court Rules Against "Wichita Massacre" Brothers in Death Penalty Case

Brendan O'Connor · 01/20/16 08:44PM

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled 8-1 against three convicted murderers, including two brothers, whose death sentences had been vacated by the Kansas Supreme Court. The decision—which ultimately revolved around sentencing procedures, the New York Times reports, and will likely not have very much impact on the court’s death penalty jurisprudence—returned the case to the state Supreme Court. The sentences may be vacated again.

Physicists Reject Notion That Racial and Gender Diversity Have No Value in Science

Brendan O'Connor · 12/14/15 11:45PM

A group of nearly 2,000 professional physicists and astrophysicists have signed a letter, drafted by members of the Equity & Inclusion in Physics & Astronomy Facebook group and addressed to the Supreme Court justices, repudiating the lines of questioning put forward by Justices Antonin Scalia and John Roberts which implied that affirmative action disadvantages black students by putting them in situations they are not equipped to handle, and that furthermore diversity has no role to play in the ostensibly objective world of science.

Scalia Is a Twitter Egg

Kept Simple · 06/26/15 12:45PM

There is a now-familiar ritual performed by liberal commentators and journalists following Supreme Court decisions that go their way: The praising of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia’s blistering dissents.

Quiz: Antonin Scalia or Minions Meme?

Alex Pareene · 06/25/15 06:39PM

Antonin Scalia is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Minions are cartoon characters from a series of popular family films. Dissents authored by Antonin Scalia are laced with quips, one-liners, and barbs designed to be stripped from their greater context and shared, by his ideological fellows and foes alike. Minion memes are images of Minions stripped from their original context, with humorous text added. Can you tell them apart?

Scalia, in Brooklyn, Says He Can't Judge Hate or the NSA

Tom Scocca · 03/28/14 05:17PM

Antonin Scalia, the longest-serving active justice of the Supreme Court, has a great deal of charm at his disposal, in person. From a distance, it’s easy to imagine Scalia as a sort of aloof, smoldering demon, throwing cruel barbs at popular notions about justice and progress. Yet he is dear friends with Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Antonin Scalia Does Not Believe in Molecular Biology

Max Read · 06/13/13 10:43AM

Justice Antonin Scalia agrees with his fellow Supreme Court justices that naturally occurring genes can't be patented. Where he appears to differ: The existence of genes, the basic science of genetics, molecular biology, and evolution. He just dissented from all of the above.

Leave Scalia Alone

John Cook · 07/06/12 01:30PM

The top story out of the recently concluded Supreme Court term was, of course, the healthcare decision. But a close second was the astonishing fact that Associate Justice Antonin Scalia is a conservative. And an asshole! So what?