Antonella Barba NaughtyPictureGate: Chapter III: The Vibratoring

seth · 03/02/07 05:48PM

Welcome back to our ongoing effort to exhaustively chronicle the travails of Most Doable Idol, Antonella Barba, who has bewitched America by being pleasing to almost every sense (except the one she's supposed to excel at in a singing contest), while simultaneously starring in a seemingly never ending stream of leaked photos doing a variety of sorta-dirty, but not-really-that-bad, things. In today's chapter, brought to you by, Antonella appears to be enjoying a BFF moment, standing adjacent to a pink vibrator. Even more shockingly, Antonella herself is holding a box of MacAweenie And Cheese Penis Pasta Mix; we imagine the bachelorette's mac and cheese of choice should soon see a healthy boost in profits. Why each girl is posing holding a random object is not entirely clear—perhaps, moments before the flash went off, they were instructed to grab the single dorm room item they would bring with them to a desert island, sending the co-eds scrambling for the nearest stuffed penguin, personal massager, or box of phallic pasta they could get their hands on. Looking down upon the wholesome depravity is none other than celebrity savior Angelina Jolie, whose clearly visible, beaming headlights shine down upon the group like two dazzling, protective beacons from a nurturing Mother Earth.