Hero in Elmo Shirt Goes Off on 'Fat, Lazy, Non-Relevant' Reporter

Matt Cherette · 11/03/11 08:52PM

Stanley Roberts, a reporter for San Francisco's KRON-TV, hosts a Cops-like show on the station called People Behaving Badly. Roberts went from onlooker to participant recently when he incurred the sassy wrath of the man in this video, who wanted nothing to do with Roberts and his "fat, lazy, non-relevant, non-factor ass." Ladies and gentlemen, the new Antoine Dodson. [via Dlisted]

Antoine Dodson's Day In Court

Seth Abramovitch · 04/29/11 02:56AM

How can you stay mad at Antoine Dodson? He's like the rape-whistle-blowing bastard love child of Chris Rock and Miss J. Alexander, beamed down from Planet YouTubia for our personal amusement. Here he is at a court appearance to answer to charges of marijuana possession. In his BEENNZ. The guy can only communicate in viral video-ese! He's a viral video savante. Little Man 'Toine. God bless him. [YouTube]

Vanessa Hudgens: 'I Can Get Very Gangster' If You Call Me Fat

Maureen O'Connor · 04/27/11 10:42AM

If you criticize Vanessa Hudgens' weight, she will pop a cap in your ass. Kate Hudson is engaged. Beyonce gets sued for ruining Christmas. Will.i.Am cleans his butt with baby wipes. Wednesday gossip takes it to the streets.

Lindsay Lohan's 'F*cked-Up' Sentence

Max Read · 04/24/11 09:45AM

Lindsay Lohan is unhappy with her sentence. Liz Taylor's eighth husband speaks out. Charlie Sheen loses a goddess via text message. Ye seek Sunday gossip: it is risen.

The Year in Google Searches

Matt Cherette · 12/09/10 01:50PM

What did the world care about in 2010? According to Google, which just released its annual Zeitgeist video—highlighting the year's top search terms—we were interested in money, politics, tragedy, war, the dearly departed, and... Antoine Dodson. Watch inside.

Antoine Dodson Gays It Up on Lopez Tonight

Matt Cherette · 11/09/10 01:25AM

Lopez Tonight—and the world, by extension—was just graced by the presence of "Bed Intruder" sensation Antoine Dodson (with luscious straight hair!). What did we learn about Dodson? For one: girlfriend just loves Gucci. The full interview, inside.