Google Is on Trial for Being Evil

Ryan Tate · 09/21/11 01:21PM

The Senate is about to debate whether Google is evil. The search giant's competitors, including Yelp, have come out swinging, and they seem to have a good case.

Government Sues to Block AT&T, T-Mobile Merger

Jim Newell · 08/31/11 11:47AM

Some big news in the telecom world today, as the Justice Department has sued to block AT&T's $39 billion purchase of T-Mobile on antitrust grounds. This is just like in the old days, when antitrust laws were enforced.

Google Under Investigation for Being Evil

Ryan Tate · 06/23/11 12:38PM

Google is about to be officially investigated for being evil. The Federal Trade Commission thinks its search engine may have violated antitrust law, and that Google may be a bully to the core. Review some potential supporting evidence below.

Microsoft Files an Antitrust Complaint

Adrian Chen · 03/31/11 10:14AM

Microsoft has just filed its first antitrust complaint, in the EU against Google. Let's try to get past the obvious fact that this is like Lady Gaga complaining that someone dresses weird and rips off Madonna while she hurls stones out of a glass house. This is important stuff. It could determine which massive tech corporation controls all of our data in the dystopian future!

Does Obama Have the Guts to Take on Big Cartoon?

Richard Rushfield · 08/31/09 01:55PM

With Disney's big buy of Marvel, America suddenly finds much of its entire animated universe — from Spider-Man to Pluto — in the hands of one media conglomerate. How many cartoon characters must a company own before the FTC acts?

Google CEO Leaves Apple Board, Finally

Ryan Tate · 08/03/09 10:18AM

Apple has announced Eric Schmidt is leaving the Cupertino company's board of directors by "mutual" agreement. Apple CEO Steve Jobs cites increasing competition between the two companies; by that standard this should have happened a year and a half ago.

Uh Oh, Google's in More Antitrust Trouble!

Owen Thomas · 05/04/09 06:59PM

Google's G1 is the biggest enemy of Apple's iPhone. And Apple is making a big push into the Web. So it's totally hunky-dory that Google and Apple share board members, right? Wrong, say antitrust cops.

A taste of their own medicine

Owen Thomas · 11/19/08 07:20PM

Microsoft, harried by regulators in the 1990s, once lobbied Congress to cut spending on antitrust enforcement. Now, it's profiting from their efforts. The software giant's lobbying budget nearly doubled from 2006 to 2008, helping it sink Yahoo's deal to have Google sell ads for its search pages. The failure of that deal helped speed Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang out the door, and could set Microsoft up to win Yahoo's search business. CNET News]

America's CTO bows to the feds on Yahoo-Google deal

Owen Thomas · 11/04/08 12:00PM

When did Eric Schmidt turn into such a wimp? When Google and Yahoo first proposed a deal to have Google sell search ads for Yahoo, Schmidt brazenly gave antitrust regulators a four-month deadline to review it. After that, Google would blaze ahead with the deal. The deadline came and went. Over the weekend, Google and Yahoo turned in a revised deal that they hoped would impress regulators. The bottom line: It is half as lucrative as Yahoo had hoped, generating $400 million a year rather than $800 million, limiting Google-sold ads to a quarter of Yahoo's search-related revenue. It's better than nothing, but it leaves Schmidt in a weak position the next time he wants to talk tough with the feds. Then again, maybe he's planning to dump Larry and Sergey for a nice, safe government job.

Senator wants to babysit Yahoo-Google after deal

Nicholas Carlson · 10/03/08 12:20PM

If the Justice Department does allow Google to serve ads on some of Yahoo's websites, Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl believes it should then monitor "the amount of advertising outsourced by Yahoo to Google" to make sure it doesn't increase over time. His math: "Should the amount significantly increase, we believe the threat to competition will also increase." Then, the DOJ could step in "if, over time, you determine that Google is gaining a dominant market position as a result of the Google-Yahoo agreement." Here's hoping Alaska Senator Ted Stevens will weigh in next on the need to monitor the deal's tube-clogging effects. [Reuters]