Oklahoma Antiques Roadshow Find Is Most Valuable Ever

Jeff Neumann · 07/24/11 11:29AM

At this weekend's Antiques Roadshow stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a man walked in with a set of five Chinese cups carved from rhinoceros horns that he's had since the 70s. An appraiser for the show, Lark Mason told local news station KTUL, "As each one came out of the box my jaw started to drop a little more and that of at my colleagues eyes and their jaws dropped as well."

Antiques Roadshow is Looking For Your Old Crap

Whitney Jefferson · 02/08/10 04:14PM

Do you have old junk precious antiques laying around your place? Well, you're in luck: Anitques Roadshowand the WGBH Lab are partnering up in an open call for your stuff. Video with details on how to apply, inside.

The Best Antiques Roadshow Reactions

Rose Annis · 12/11/09 02:30PM

How would you react if you found that ol' Aunt Esther's ottoman was worth 90k? Antiques Roadshow wants to remind viewers to never throw anything away because there is always a chance you'll become rich and public television famous.