Conan's Opening Monologue Jokes Leaked

The Cajun Boy · 06/01/09 09:30PM

Are you excited about Conan's Tonight Show debut tonight? We are! We've got big bowl of tortilla chips already out and we're about to whip up some homemade queso dip! Jealous? Regardless, here's something to whet your appetite—-a few of Conan's opening jokes have been sent to us!

'Funny Games': The Ultimate Bourgeois Nightmare Or Just Art House Torture Porn?

Mark Graham · 03/12/08 07:26PM

For those of us out there who are active moviegoers, the weekend of March 14 has been circled on our calendars for some time. While 2008 has seen a handful of worthwhile releases hit the cineplex (think Be Kind Rewind, think Charlie Bartlett), the indie-inclined viewer has had painfully few movie choices from which to choose from so far this year. However, all that changes this weekend when Neil Marshall's Doomsday, David Gordon Green's Snow Angels and Michael Haneke's Funny Games make their way to a theater near you. While all three will must sees (at least in my book), one of these flicks is drawing significant levels of pre-release controversy (if not great reviews). Specifically, Haneke's Americanized remake of his own 1997 pic Funny Games is being labeled by notoriously cranky film blogger Jeffrey Wells as being "the ugliest and most repulsive violent melodrama I've ever seen (including the thoroughly disgusting I Spit On Your Grave)" and, simultaneously, "a smart and nervy critique of sexy-violent movies ... and one of the ballsiest movies ever released by Warner Bros. in its 90 year history." Um, sign us up!