'Kill Those Fucking Yankees Slowly and Painfully': the 'Anti-American' Past of 'Gangnam Style' Rapper Psy

Max Read ยท 12/07/12 01:20PM

Last night, most of us went to bed in a world where pudgy Korean rapper and viral sensation Psy was globally beloved for bringing us "Gangnam Style," the "Macarena" of 2012. But this morning we woke up to a different world โ€” a colder, darker world โ€” in which the internet was afire with the claim that Psy had performed at an anti-American concert in Seoul in 2004, where he rapped: "Kill those fucking Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives/Kill those fucking Yankees who ordered them to torture/Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law, and fathers/Kill them all slowly and painfully."