Russia Deploys Biological Weapons In the War on Christmas

Brendan O'Connor · 07/29/16 03:40PM

A heatwave sweeping across western Russia’s Yamal tundra, above the Arctic circle, has triggered an outbreak of anthrax. The hardy bacteria, thought to have made its home in the frozen flesh of a reindeer carcass, lay dormant in the permafrost—until now.

CDC: 75 Scientists Potentially Exposed to Anthrax

Aleksander Chan · 06/19/14 06:30PM

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced today that up to 75 of its scientists may have been exposed to live anthrax bacteria in its laboratories in Atlanta. According to Reuters, the scientists were exposed after staff at a high-level biosecurity lab failed to follow the proper procedures to render the live anthrax bacteria inactive. So far, the CDC reports, none of the potentially exposed staff has reported any symptoms.

The Big Running List of 2012 Metal Endorsements

Max Read · 02/17/12 10:24AM

With the Republican presidential primary still bitterly contested between the four remaining candidates, every last endorsement counts — especially the crucial support of the Big Four of thrash metal: Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax. Megadeth's Dave Mustaine has come out in support of Rick Santorum.

What Will You Put in Your Space Garden?

Hamilton Nolan · 11/08/11 06:06PM

Dog evolution! Stroke surgery! Baby okapi! Computer hearts! Fast fish! Space gardens! Parkinson's treatment! Anthrax vaccine! And America loses the Red planet to the Reds! It's your Tuesday Science Watch, where we watch science—nobly!

Gawker's Least Popular Posts of 2009

Gabriel Snyder · 12/31/09 12:21PM

They weren't bad posts, just misunderstood. Nevertheless, we wrote them and you didn't want to read them. Ladies and gentlemen, these are the least popular Gawker posts of 2009.

Anthrax Scares at Amex, BofA

cityfile · 12/10/09 02:57PM

American Express evacuated employees on three floors of its World Financial Center headquarters this afternoon after envelopes containing a "white powdery substance" were discovered. Several similarly suspicious packages were also sent to Bank of America's offices in Tampa. [NBC, Business Insider]

No, That Is Not Anthrax

Hamilton Nolan · 11/11/09 12:55PM

So far this week, the UN missions of six separate countries have been temporarily shut down and decontaminated because they received envelopes full of flour in the mail. This whole "anthrax" thing is overrated.

Cocaine-Laced Powder Will Destroy America

Andrew Belonsky · 10/12/09 01:25AM

Remember Anthtrax? Terrorists were supposed to use it to kill democracy, but nothing much ever came of it all. Until now: an ER was evacuated after someone saw a white substance. Turns out it was just cocaine. Oops! [Salt-Lake Tribune]

Jamie Dimon Gets His Justice

cityfile · 10/08/09 10:58AM

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Mess with Jamie Dimon and you do so at your own risk. Last fall, during the bleakest moments of the financial crisis, the JPMorgan CEO began receiving threatening letters from a man who was angry about losing money a chunk of money following JPMorgan's acquisition of Washington Mutual. The anonymous letter-writer didn't just threaten to kill Dimon and promise to "McVeigh" the bank's New York office building. He also included a bit of white powder in one of the envelopes, which set off an anthrax scare at JPMorgan HQ. Duff McDonald recounts the episode in his new book on Dimon, Last Man Standing: The Ascent of Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase: