Anthony Weiner Blows Up in Absurd Shouting Match with Jewish Voter

J.K. Trotter · 09/04/13 12:55PM

On Wednesday failed mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner yelled at a Jewish voter in Brooklyn’s Borough Park after the voter suggested that Weiner should drop out of the mayoral race. Watch the thoughtful discussion of morality and divine judgement that ensued.

New York’s Last Democratic Mayoral Debate Descends into “Free-for-All”

J.K. Trotter · 09/04/13 12:21PM

The long sludge of New York City’s mayoral primary season is almost over. On Tuesday the five contenders in the Democratic race—including front-runner Bill de Blasio, his current biggest challenger, Bill Thompson, and former front-runner Christine Quinn—duked it out on live television, with Quinn and peripheral candidates Anthony Weiner and John Liu aiming to loosen de Blasio’s grip on recent poll numbers in the hopes of forcing a runoff election. It wasn’t pretty.

Weiner Spokesperson Calls Former Intern a “Fucking Slutbag” and “Cunt”

Taylor Berman · 07/30/13 09:11PM

Things aren't going well for Anthony Weiner's mayoral campaign. There was the second round of dick pics, the campaign manager quitting, the drop in the polls, and the non-answer about whether or not he is sexting someone at this exact moment. And now this: on Tuesday, Weiner's communications director called a former intern for the campaign a “fucking slutbag,” a “twat,” and a “cunt.”

The Real Carlos Danger Is a Republican Who Wants You to Leave Him Alone

Camille Dodero · 07/25/13 03:48PM

"Carlos Danger" is not only the narcissistic online coif Anthony Weiner adorned to shield his identity while sexting his dick (again), it's also the government name of a real 37-year-old psychiatrist with a real medical practice, a real Miami address, and a real phone number. And the real Carlos Danger wants you to leave him alone.

Anthony Weiner's Real Sin Is Not Knowing How To Take a “Dong Shot”

Ken Layne · 07/25/13 02:00PM

Anthony Weiner may have disqualified himself from the mayoral race with his constant lies about when he did or didn't send penis pictures to America's ladies, but as Brian Moylan wrote in 2011, Weiner's real crime is not knowing how to take a "dong shot."