Anthony Is Dead

Nathan Deuel · 01/18/14 12:27PM

It was one of the first warm evenings of spring when my new neighbor Steve—leaning over his balcony and through the bougainvillea—suggested we should take the kids to Faraya, a ski town a few hours from what was starting to look like a war in Syria.

Dead New York Times Reporter Anthony Shadid Allegedly Told His Wife: "The Times Killed Me" [UPDATE]

John Cook · 06/25/12 12:54PM

Ed Shadid, the cousin of dead New York Times foreign correspondent Anthony Shadid, caused a stir over the weekend when he claimed in a speech that Anthony pre-emptively blamed the Times for his death in Syria, telling his wife: "If anything happens to me, I want the world to know that the New York Times killed me." In an interview with Gawker, the surviving Shadid confirms the account and says the Times knew a trip to Syria was too dangerous, but sent him anyway.

How Four Times Journalists Got Captured in Libya

Max Read · 03/21/11 10:35PM

The four New York Times journalists who were just freed after almost a week in the custody of the Libyan government told their story to coworker Jeremy Peters. And it sounds as terrifying as you might expect.