Bourdain Market: Oysters, Chaos, UN Ambassador Bourdain, Blade Runner

Dayna Evans · 04/09/15 09:40AM

Anthony Bourdain was last seen eating sushi at the Narita International Airport in Japan, a fact I can confirm by cross-checking his Instagram feed. Bourdain's forthcoming international street food market, on the other hand, is making ripples in the press with its latest splashy update. Like Frankenstein's monster, Bourdain Market has begun to rise.

Cord Jefferson · 07/25/13 07:38PM

Anthony Bourdain hoodwinked writer David Simon into sitting down for a CNN segment with the promise of a cronut, New York's most in-demand food trend. Sadly, that cronut never materialized, and now Simon wants his just desserts: "Tony Bourdain, you lying sonofabitch, you owe me a motherfucking cronut."

Anthony Bourdain Is Here to Take All of Your Questions, Turkey-Related or Not

Emma Carmichael · 11/20/12 11:45AM

Anthony Bourdain is a man of many talents and many curse words: For the past 30 years, he's been a successful chef, then author, and television host, traveling the world for his Travel Channel series, No Reservations, and eating at some of the most loved restaurants in the world (as well as its least-known food stalls and noodle stands). In short, for at least the past decade, he's held down everyone's dream job.

Is CNN Going to Ruin Anthony Bourdain?

Drew Magary · 05/29/12 05:50PM

Anthony Bourdain announced on Twitter this morning that he was joining CNN, but he didn't say anything about the fate of his two current shows on the Travel Channel, No Reservations and The Layover. I was hoping Bourdain might be a cable bigamist, but the Hollywood Reporter is saying that won't be the case. Bourdain's ditching the Travel Channel for good in favor of a network that has shown an almost superhuman ability to vacuum out any last trace of personality from its on-air talent.

Travel Channel Pulls Touching Christmas Special About a Child-Licking Demon

Seth Abramovitch · 12/11/11 09:53PM

This animated short was supposed to debut tomorrow night on the holiday edition of Anthony Bourdain's Travel Channel show, No Reservations. But when executives got a look at Bourdain's take on the Austrian legend of Krampus, they quickly pulled the plug. Apparently, they felt the world was not quite ready for a stop-motion retelling of Santa's "whip-toting sidekick" who "whips and licks naughty children" with his 12-inch tongue then "carries them off in his sack" — a source tells us they cited sensitivities regarding the Penn State scandal when delivering Bourdain the disappointing news. (The leering portrait of the Pope in the background probably didn't help matters, either.)

Jennifer Lopez Wages Silent War on Trash-Talking Cameron Diaz

Maureen O'Connor · 08/19/11 10:53AM

J.Lo and Cameron are filming a movie together and "the tension is thick." Gerard Depardieu explains why he peed in an airplane's aisle. Jesse James and Kat Von D are back together. Leo and Blake are shopping for a house. TGIFriday gossip.

Top Chef: History Is a Nightmare

Brian Moylan · 12/02/10 02:06PM

When Bravo got 18 former contestants together for Top Chef: All Stars we thought it would be a fun lark with some good cooking and jocular competition. That's before the show went psycho on everyone—on the first day!