ISIS Calls Anonymous "Idiots"

Ashley Feinberg · 11/18/15 02:30PM

It’s generally safe to assume that anything coming from the propaganda-spewing terrorist organization ISIS is deeply, incontrovertibly wrong. But when it comes to overgrown hacker collective Anonymous—ISIS is, for once, right.

The Shitty Memes of the KKK

Sam Biddle · 11/05/15 07:06PM

A group claiming affiliation with Anonymous, the nebulous blob of hackers whose influence and credibility has waned a lot in recent years, just released what appears to be a (real) long list of KKK members. The only interesting part is how horrible their Facebook accounts are.

Anonymous Singles Out Member Who Doxed the Wrong Man as Killer "Cop"

Adam Weinstein · 08/20/14 11:00AM

As protest leaders in Ferguson, Missouri, contend with "outside agitators" they say have disrupted their peaceful demonstrations, the hackers in Anonymous have run into a similar problem: An "uncontrollable pest" whose reckless decision last week to accuse an innocent cop of killing Michael Brown embarrassed and marginalized the would-be activist group.

Anonymous Vows to ID Michael Brown's Killer

Adam Weinstein · 08/13/14 02:10PM

Cyberactivists associated with Anonymous say they plan to publicly identify the Ferguson, Mo., police officer who shot and killed unarmed teen Michael Brown over the weekend, and they also promised to release emergency dispatch recordings related to the killing this afternoon.

Anonymous Vows Action Over Shooting Death of Unarmed Teen

Adam Weinstein · 08/11/14 08:18AM

Anonymous, the hacktivist network, released a video message Sunday encouraging protests and threatening their own actions against the police who shot 18-year-old Michael Brown and left him for dead in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri.

There Might Have Been More Than One Lulzsec FBI Mole

Sarah Hedgecock · 01/10/14 02:50PM

Anonymous is at it again—and this time it's personal. The Daily Dot reports that on Wednesday night, the group leaked FBI search warrants related to the government's investigation of hacker group Lulzsec—and revealed that there were more agency moles in the gang than previously thought.