Your Google Pseudonym Must Be Approved in Google Court

Ryan Tate · 01/23/12 06:35PM

The anxious cyborgs who rule Google have decreed, after much controversy and deliberation, that they will alllow people to register accounts that do not match their official hu-man names. All you need to do to obtain a pseudonym is to furnish a printed "offline" news article, government document, popular Twitter account and three (3) types of bodily fluid.

Names Banned By Google Plus

Ryan Tate · 07/25/11 06:15PM

Google's social network is on a rampage. It's banning people for using nicknames. It' s banning people for names that are too short. It's banning people for names that are too long. It's even banning people for having the wrong names.

The One Place You Can Still Be Anyone on the Internet

Adrian Chen · 04/25/11 05:49PM

Anonymity is dying online, hemmed in by online ID schemes and Facebook's colonization of the net. But there's one place you can still pretend to be basically anyone: the "Ask Me Anything" section of the popular message board Reddit.

L.A. Times Restaurant Critic Outed by Enraged Restaurateur

Brian Moylan · 12/22/10 02:39PM

When the owner of a Beverly Hills eatery spotted the L.A. Times restaurant critic in his lobby, he refused her service and took her picture, making her identity publicly available for the first time. Kiss anonymity goodbye, S. Irene Virbila.

You Don't Have a Right to Anonymity

John Cook · 06/16/09 01:00PM

A British court has ruled that the Times of London is free to unmask an anonymous British blogger, just ten days after the National Review caused and uproar by outing a left-wing blogger named Publius. This is a good thing.

Nina DiSesa Becomes Her Own Blog Nightmare

Hamilton Nolan · 03/03/08 04:33PM

"I've seen blogs where if you don't have your name on [a comment], they won't run your answer. I respect those blogs, and the people who run those blogs have a great deal of integrity," said blog-hating ad agency exec Nina DiSesa in an interview we posted earlier today. Among those cowardly bloggers who provide a platform for totally anonymous comments: Nina DiSesa!

Choire · 11/12/07 09:40AM

Another great moment in newspaper subject anonymity descriptors: "'It's very clear that people are taking nicer vacations,' said one Google engineer, who asked not to be identified because it is also not Googley to talk about personal fortunes made at the company." Heh. (Also! The Google massage gal retired a multimillionaire! Go on: Slap yourself. [NYT]