Wesleyan Extends A Warm Welcome To Soldier-Americans

Jen · 11/26/07 02:50PM

With the imminent arrival of ten war veterans on scholarship, America's Most Annoying Liberal Arts College 's student newspaper has published an op-ed about how these special students should be treated. But first, a little self-righteous back-patting: "It is sadly ironic that Wesleyan is stepping up to provide important services to vets while the current administration is barely able to." Omigod, riiight? Like ten thousand spoons when all you need is some body armor!

Emily Gould · 10/25/07 11:35AM

Claire "Crumple Face Cry" Danes' deep thoughts about 'Pygmalion', the play she's currently sucking in on Broadway: "'It explores how much significance seemingly superficial stuff like our clothes and manners and the way we speak do inform an identity. Formal clothes are definitely a factor.' She paused and gave a thoughtful look. 'You can't just slap a dress on an unthinking person.'" Can't you now? [NYT]

Wesleyan Biology Class "Melds Scientific And Choreographic Inquiry"

Emily Gould · 10/18/07 10:25AM

Back when we originally voted Wesleyan "Most Annoying Liberal Arts College," their Interim Dean of Students Mike Whaley told the Wesleyan Argus that "like most stereotypes, the entire 'article' seems to be based on ignorance and/or malice—the desire to foster misinformation and to detract from the incredible educational experience Wesleyan (and others) offers seems clear." That "incredible educational experience" includes a class called "Feet to the Fire." "Feet to the Fire is an intensive, interdisciplinary course that melds scientific and choreographic inquiry in pursuit of one of the most important topics facing society: climate change due to global warming," the course catalog description begins.

Secrets Of Wesleyan Joke Rap Anthem Revealed!

Emily Gould · 09/25/07 03:35PM

"Party in the kitchen/makin' a bitchin'/bowl of pasta/with cream sauce!" Sure, those lyrics—to the anthem (now online!) about partying in various places in and around the campus of America's Most Annoying Liberal Arts College—need no explaining. But what about this part: "Party at Intown/Party in the past/ Party at Mocon, making me ill/I'm gonna go boot on Indian Hill/Eclectic party/holy shit, who are you?/Where am I?" We got over our thing about speaking to the Wesleyan alums we know and asked one.

'Party On Fountain' Is The Best Wesleyan Joke Rap Song You've Never Heard

Emily Gould · 09/24/07 04:30PM

Alumni of America's Most Annoying Liberal Arts College were all abuzz last week about this song "Party On Fountain." Composed by Molly Gaebe '07, Mary Campion '07, Pat Wolf '07, Kate Heller '09 and Ted Feldman '09, who are collectively known as New Teen Force, the song is about partying at different places on the Wes campus, like: "Party in the Bayit, Shabbat Shalom!" Sounds hilarious, right? Too bad you can't listen to it!