Sucky Snooty Weenie Yuppie Foodie Greenies

Hamilton Nolan · 01/18/10 01:14PM

Do you and your mate joust over who is the best environmental person? Have both you and your mate grown so holier-than-thou that you are unable to function in a capacity other than "scold?" Do you find that everyone seems to despise you, including your mate, and your parents, and total strangers who read about you in a NYT trend story? Then you just might be this couple:

Rich Playboy Written About in Paper

Hamilton Nolan · 04/01/09 11:01AM

Spencer Morgan's weekly Observer profile of an annoying and wealthy young man today is about "Greek shipping heir–slash–journalist Taki Theodoracopulos," about whom we learn the following things:

Nobody Wants Your Pennies, Pal

Hamilton Nolan · 07/25/08 01:44PM

All ads suck! Unless they involve hidden camera pranks that hilariously mock average people through the use of monetary technicalities. OfficeMax is advertising some cheapo back-to-school sale with an ad campaign consisting of a guy going around New York and paying for all types of things with pennies-and his escapades are all caught on tape! Despite our annoying "too-cool-for-school Brooklyn hipster" pose around here, we have to admit this is the funniest ad campaign we've seen since Gary Busey started giving out free advice. Still, don't shop at OfficeMax or else you're a total pawn of the machine. Click through to see two of the spots: dude attempts to buy deli food with pennies, and dude attempts to buy used car with pennies. Chuckle at the rage of the working class!:

Spin Class Berserker Cleared In Court

Ryan Tate · 06/02/08 08:56PM

A jury today acquitted that stockbroker who upended a fellow spin-class participant's stationary bike. Christopher Carter had gone after Stuart Sugarman for shouting "Yeah!" and "You go girl!" at the top of his lungs after the class instructor declined to intervene. The district attorney went after him for assault, which would have carried up to a year in prison, but jurors were sympathetic to Carter's plight. One told the Times: "I probably would have helped Carter with telling the instructor, 'Look at this guy. He's being a nuisance.'" Well, yes, but Sugarman spent two weeks in the hospital with neck injuries. What does it take to get Equinox gym to intervene in one of these classes? And, most importantly, is it really a safe place for so many of our alleged closeted gay celebrities? [Times] (Public domain photo via Wikipedia)

Inside The Mind Of A Spinning Class Dude

Hamilton Nolan · 05/29/08 12:16PM

Last year, tabloids were abuzz with the story of a spinning class gone bad on the Upper East Side. One man was assaulted by another man, right in the middle of class. To be fair, the man who was assaulted—48-year-old Stuart Sugarman—is the type of guy who likes to shout out "you go girl!" and "great song!" during spinning class. A fellow spinner, irate at Stuart's unceasing exclamations, grabbed his bike and slammed him against the wall. Now the case has finally come to trial, and Sugarman took the stand yesterday, resulting in what is perhaps the finest exercise-related legal news story of the year:

Ivy Leaguer Shocked By Likely Future As Burger Flipper

Maggie · 02/11/08 05:02PM

Oh my God, guess what? An Ivy League education may not be the key to success, riches and true happiness after all! Recent Dartmouth grad Jennifer Krimm's Sunday piece in the Washington Post has earned her IvyGate's totally righteous ire. Kentucky public school kid Krimm is an Arabic-speaking Fulbright scholar and former White House intern, and she's pissed that all that resume-packing and bootstrapping hasn't landed her an appropriately impressive job. How dare America do this to her?