Annie Lennox Whitewashes Explanation of "Strange Fruit"

Rich Juzwiak · 10/24/14 11:08AM

Annie Lennox, who recently boiled down what Beyoncé does to "twerking" to dismiss Bey's feminism, was less specific though still not quite...right when when Tavis Smiley asked her about covering "Strange Fruit" on her new album Nostalgia. Popularized by Billie Holiday in 1939, "Strange Fruit" is a song about racism that vividly describes a scene after a lynching (the strange fruit is the black man hanging from it). Annie Lennox did not mention lynching in her description of the song to Smiley:

Is Already Being Pregnant the Secret to Landing a Man?

Caity Weaver · 04/11/12 06:38PM

A couple years ago, when CNN Entertainment correspondent Shanon Cook was nine months pregnant, a man was polite to her in a grocery store. The obvious conclusion from this story is that this dude wanted to GET. IT. IN.

American Idol: The Death of Dimples

Richard Lawson · 04/22/10 12:36PM

Last night was the night that Idol Gave Back, with song and montage and African video. Last night was the night that God took his pearly hand and ripped our hearts from our chests, leaving us bereft and alone.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/24/09 06:45AM

Kate Spade turns 47 today. Hedge fund manager Jim Chanos is turning 52. Former Observer owner Arthur Carter is 78. Jonathan Benno, Per Se's outgoing chef who will soon be opening a restaurant of his own, is 40. Annette de la Renta, the wife of Oscar de la Renta and a charity gala fixture, is turning 70. Ryan Seacrest turns 35. Ricky Martin is celebrating his 38th. Author Mary Higgins Clark is turning 82. Heiress Marylou Whitney is 84. And actor Mekhi Phifer is 35. A few people with Christmas birthdays are listed below.

Annie Lenox & Al Green's Put A Little Love in Your Heart

Whitney Jefferson · 12/08/09 11:00AM

Day two of our celebration of cheese-tastic holiday songs is this little diddy made for the Scrooged soundtrack. If these two have so much love in their hearts, why isn't there a single shot of them together in this video?

Christmas Miracles!

cityfile · 12/24/08 01:44PM

It can't be fun to have your birthday fall on Christmas, although if you're Jewish—like youthful financier/media mogul Bruce Wasserstein who will be celebrating his 61st birthday tomorrow—we're not sure it matters much. Others who can proudly proclaim they were born the same day as Jesus: Republican sorcerer Karl Rove is turning 58. Helena Christensen will be 40. Annie Lennox is turning 54. Dido is turning 37. Jimmy Buffett will be 62. Literary agent Esther Newberg will be 67. And artist Louise Bourgeois will be celebrating her 97th birthday.

Star Jones Thinks Her Haters Are Just Jealous

Emily Gould · 11/08/07 09:00AM
  • Former 'View' cohost Star Jones is finally discussing her gastric bypass surgery openly, telling a fellow stomach-staplee to "let the haters hate," on her show yesterday. A thought, Star: those "jealous, angry" friends might just hate that you lied for years? [HuffPo]