We're Offering $50 for Unretouched Images of Adam Driver in Vogue

Rich Juzwiak · 01/16/14 05:10PM

Five months ago, Vogue released a pictorial featuring none other than Adam Driver, one of the stars of Girls. The images were, all in all, quite nice. He wore a live sheep around his shoulders and looked fantastic. As if Vogue would have it any other way.

Annie Leibovitz is Being Sued Again

Jeff Neumann · 04/06/10 07:21AM

The famous photographer owes $800,000 in unpaid fees to an investment firm who refinanced her old debts. The firm secured a $40 million loan for Leibovitz last month. [Reuters]

Morgan Stanley Exec Buys; Annie Leibovitz Looks to Sell

cityfile · 02/01/10 09:17AM

• Guy Metcalfe sold his apartment at 15 Central Park West last May for $11 million. Now the co-head of Morgan Stanley's real estate investment banking group and his wife, Lisa, have picked up a new, slightly more modest abode. The couple has paid $6.125 million for a 12th-floor, four-bedroom apartment at 90 Riverside Drive. [Cityfile, Corcoran]
• Iris Marden, the ex-wife of retail heir James Marden and a broker at Stribling, has sold her penthouse at 7 Hubert Street. The three-bedroom apartment, which once appeared on the cover of Architectural Digest and first went on the market for $14.5 million in January 2009, sold for $11.5 million. [Cityfile]

cityfile · 01/15/10 04:43PM

• Word has it Conan O'Brien and NBC have finally reached a deal. He'll leave with $25-30 million and could end up joining Fox eventually, although a deal is far from certain. As for NBC, fallout from the mess is expected to linger for a long time. And now Jimmy Fallon is the The Tonight Show's heir apparent.
• The networks are going to extraordinary lengths (and spending small fortunes) to cover the disaster in Haiti, not surprisingly. [THR]
• Things are looking up for financially challenged photog Annie Leibovitz. She's settled one of the lawsuits that was filed against her last year. [P6]
• The search is on for Simon Cowell's replacement on American Idol. [AP]
• Erica Hill is taking over for Russ Mitchell on CBS' Early Show. [NYT]
• A bunch of pink slips have landed at Universal Music. [LAT]
• These aren't fruitful times for aspiring novelists/screenwriters. [WSJ]
• Ricky Gervais hosts the Golden Globes on Sunday night. [MSNBC, NYM]

cityfile · 01/04/10 02:07PM

• The cover of Vanity Fair's February issue will likely turn plenty of heads: It features a barechested Tiger Woods pumping iron. The photo by Annie Leibovitz was taken before the Woods sex scandal unfolded, however. [VF]
• Is New York Post editor Col Allan retiring? That's the rumor, although Allan says it's just "wishful thinking" on the part of the Daily News. [NYM, Politico]
• Cable spats: Fox and Time Warner reached a deal in their dispute on Friday. But Cablevision customers are still without the Food Network and HGTV.
• Dick Clark has clearly seen better days, but ABC's NYE telecast was No. 1 on Thursday night. NBC's Carson Daly-hosted program came in No. 2. [Variety]
• Disgraced ex-Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich will be one of the "stars" on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice, you'll be thrilled to hear. [UPI]
• Ten years after he presided over the merger of Time Warner and AOL, Jerry Levin now says it was all a big mistake and he's really, really sorry. [THR]
• Good news! The ad market for newspapers, magazines is looking up. [WSJ]
• Arianna Huffington and Glamour's Cindi Leive plan to sleep a lot in '10. [HP]
Avatar was once again No. 1 at the box office this weekend. The film has now grossed more than $1 billion around the world since it was released. [THR]

Annie Leibovitz Goes Into Fundraising Mode

cityfile · 12/11/09 11:28AM

Photographer Annie Leibovitz came close to losing everything this past fall when she was sued for failing to pay back the $24 million loan that had been extended to her by Art Capital, which had taken her real estate holdings and the rights to her photos as collateral. Leibovitz managed to avert crisis when she reached a settlement with the firm at the last minute. But she's not out of the woods yet. The Times reports today that as part of the deal, she now owes Art Capital $30 million, and she'll have to pay it back in full by next summer. Leibovitz has been looking to raise cash to pay off the debt in recent months. She's selling limited-edition prints and has been in discussions to write another book. She's also looked into offering bonds backed by her future earnings, something that David Bowie did a few years back. But it's unlikely those efforts will raise the millions she needs and chances are she'll need to take resort to more drastic measures over the coming months. What could that entail? A glimpse of Annie's future after the jump!

cityfile · 11/05/09 04:48PM

• Is Oprah preparing to leave her syndicated show behind and take her act to OWN, her long-delayed cable network? That's the rumor anyway. [DH]
• The new editor of the Observer is Kyle Pope, formerly of Portfolio. [NYO]
• Cable meets kindergarten: Fox News will stop being mean to MSNBC only if MSNBC first stops being mean to Fox News, reports Rupert Murdoch. [NYT]
Fortune and Time are expected to be hardest hit by layoffs at Time Inc. [NYP]
• Scripps has beat out News Corp. for control of the Travel Channel. [BN]
• Susan Plagemann has been named the new publisher of Vogue. Meanwhile, Tom Florio will now oversee Vogue, Bon Appétit and Traveler. [WWD]
Bloomberg BusinessWeek (or BBW for short) has its new team in place. [NYT]