Keira Knightley: Hell No I'm Not Anne Hathaway

Allie Jones · 12/30/14 08:40AM

The above left photo depicts the actress named Keira Knightley. You know the one—British accent, British teeth. You could refer to her as Keira, or Ms. Knightley, or, if you're feeling retro, Mrs. Righton (she married last year). What you should not call her is Anne Hathaway, who is pictured above right.

Anne Hathaway's Husband Made Her an Ugly Glove

Leah Finnegan · 11/03/14 01:25PM

Here are five things you didn't know about Anne Hathaway's husband, Adam Shulman. He is a jewelry designer. His name is Adam Shulman. He designs jewelry. He is married to Anne Hathaway. He made Anne Hathaway a weird-ass "glove" aka "intricate handpiece" out of gold, bronze, and silver stars, which she wore to the L.A. premiere of Interstellar last week.

Anne Hathaway: DRAMA QUEEN

Caity Weaver · 01/09/14 07:22PM

If you can read this sentence, you are alive, which is one thing Anne Hathaway almost was not on Wednesday. The actress had to be rescued by a surfer after nearly drowning off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii.

Beautiful Mind James Franco Explains Anne 'Hathahaters'

Caity Weaver · 03/26/13 10:35AM

In 2011, America's most cherished treasures, acTORS James Franco and Anne Hathaway, hosted the Oscars. They didn't do a great job, but everyone's since moved on. We don't spend too much time psychoanalyzing the relationship of Anne Hathaway and James Franco, two people who don't seem to know each other that well.

Anne Hathaway Knows That You Hate Her

Rich Juzwiak · 02/26/13 05:10PM

Oscar-winning ball of sunshine and jazz-hands-fueled energy Anne Hathaway (pictured above, raising the roof) puts the "Oy!" in "cloying" and knows that you're mocking her. She's affected by the mass sneering that occurs after she does anything in public, she recently told Us Weekly:

Why Did Kristen Stewart Look Like She'd Been Hit by a Car at the Oscars?

Caity Weaver · 02/25/13 11:45AM

Was anyone even surprised when Kristen Stewart showed up to last night's Oscars ceremony hobbling on crutches, looking disheveled as all get out? Bedraggled disarray is just her natural state. Of course Charlize Theron wore Dior. Of course Kristen Stewart's arms were covered in mysterious bruises.

Anne Hathaway Says her Performance in Les Misérables was "Eh"

MTanzer · 12/30/12 03:33PM

Les Misérables has already made off with $67 million at the box office since debuting on Christmas day, but a lot of people have found the sweeping musical largely problematic. Many are quick to criticize the performance of Russell Crowe. He can't really sing that well after all and some really judgmental critics feel that he ruined the whole movie.

I Dreamed a Nightmare: The Banal Schmaltz of Les Misérables

Rich Juzwiak · 12/21/12 04:23PM

The new movie version of Les Misérables is a nonsensical, emotional vampire of a movie. It sucks and sucks and never stops sucking. I knew I was supposed to feel something in this ever-welling sea of emotion, but I didn't know exactly what and I most certainly did not feel a thing. Well, that's not entirely true — I did feel isolated, like I was from a different planet than the people who were moved to repeatedly applaud for actors that couldn't hear them (at a screening full of critics, no less!), and audibly weep at turns so evidently constructed to make them do so that a giant lit up "CRY NOW" sign in the theater would have been redundant.

Anne Hathaway Shows Her Vagina to Distract from Her Hideous Outfit

Rich Juzwiak · 12/11/12 12:50PM

Anne Hathaway went retro to last night's New York premiere of Les Misérables — her bush-free flash to paps as she stepped out of her car was so five years ago. It's also really awkward. Anne Hathaway has built a squeaky clean career out of being mad unassuming about her genitalia. We always knew it was there, but we don't know how it was there, except now we do. Um...

New York Times Magazine Presents 13 Bizarre Short Films, Shows Rebel Wilson in a Mermaid Costume

Mallory Ortberg · 12/08/12 02:59PM

The New York Times Magazine has created a terrifying "video gallery of dreams and transformations" of thirteen different actresses "whose performances defined the year in film." Here you will see talents like Naomi Watts and Marion Cotillard doing all of the things we love to see our bravest, most creative actresses do: lying down, blinking, opening their mouths and leaving them open for minutes at a time, looking, smiling quietly to themselves, clenching their fists, weeping silently at the sky, and twirling - always twirling. That said, it also shows us what Rebel Wilson would look like as a mermaid, which is tremendous and a gift and well worth seeing.

The Dark Knight Rises: Batman Does Occupy Wall Street

Brian Moylan · 12/19/11 02:45PM

Here it is, the big moment you've been waiting for, the trailer for the last of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies. Apparently it's about a bunch of villains fomenting revolution to put awful rich people in their place. Uh, a bunch of Hollywood fat cats are going to make $17 bajillion off of Occupy Wall Street? Great!

Daniel Craig's Kardashian Rant: 'F—king Idiots'

Maureen O'Connor · 11/30/11 11:14AM

Daniel Craig ridicules Kourtney Kardashian's placenta. Kellan Lutz gives himself a "Hitler Youth" hairdo. Ali Lohan wonders whether Dina will let her get plastic surgery. Ashton Kutcher hangs out with a cow. Wednesday gossip is full of hate.

Anne Hathaway Is Engaged to a Normal

Maureen O'Connor · 11/29/11 10:57AM

After three years of dating a real, live celebrity Adam Shulman puts a ring on it. Hugh Jackman's wife complains about his gay rumors. Demi Moore "steps out" with a man. Kim Kardashian gives up on "fairy tale" love. Tuesday gossip is something blue.